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WhiteAlligator wrote:

Hi everyone -


Are you sitting down? Surprised If not, grab a chair! We don't want anyone falling over when we tell you ...


The one, the only Greg Farshtey wants to chat with you! Party


That's right, the storytelling mind behind BIONICLE and Ninjago is here on the LMBs to answer your questions.


Please post your questions now! Greg will be visiting this topic to respond to you personally. Happy





While participating in this topic please remember to ...


1. Stay on topic! Nerd No spamming. No side conversations.

2. Be patient! Wink Greg will answer your questions as quickly as he can.

3. Have fun! Laughing This is an awesome opportunity! Enjoy!!

I've got questions for you Greg!Smile


1. Which is your favourite LEGO Ninjago Character?


2. Which LEGO Ninjago villian is your Favourite?


3. Are you excited for LEGO Ninjago in 2014?


So....I hope you like my questions!Happy and Hopefully answer them!Happy



2013-07-03 10:44 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
1) I have missed answering fan questions, so yes. 2) Well, BIONICLE was created before I came to work at LEGO, so not something I an expert on. 3) The overall plot of Ninjago is not written by me, it's done by LEGO folks in Denmark and the TV writers. I just do the graphic novels.

Well, you do a good job on the graphic novels. Smile How long does it take you to make one of those? Thinking Smile

2013-07-03 10:46 UTC–5



Seriously, growing up, you were one of the most mentioned people in my entire household. You're pretty famous throughout my family. Joking





2013-07-03 10:47 UTC–5

lego613master wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
Hi - To be honest, I didn't pay that much attention to the BIONICLE Stars series, since it was just re-releases of old characters and there wasn't much I could do with it, story-wise.

Thumbs up Good. If it was you that made the so-called "storyline" of the Stars, you would officially un-become the awesomest writer in thw rodl. Thumbs up But fortunatly you still are. Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

Uh... he wrote Journey's End...

2013-07-03 10:52 UTC–5
Hi! I don't know anything about Ninjago or Bionicle, sorry about that Greg, Joking, but I am amazed to be talking to a professional worker! Happy Surprised

I was wondering, how long have you been a fan of LEGO? Thinking Happy
2013-07-03 10:53 UTC–5

lego613master wrote:

diglett809 wrote:

lego613master wrote:

diglett809 wrote:

Greg, are you allowed to friend us with the new friends widget? If so, can I add you?

If you can friend Mods, then I'm pretty sure you can friend Officials. Thinking Can you friend Mods?


Thanks to your post, he'll be getting several hundred friend requests in the next hour. Joking

I don't know if we can friend mods.

Confused Dunno, If you want to know who the Mods like best, just check the "Likes Given" on their Profile. Wink

That's not true. I have lots of likes from mods, but that is because they like my posts that I welcome users with on the welcome forum. That doesn't mean they like me, I am probably one of their least favorites since I get in fights a lotJoking.

2013-07-03 10:55 UTC–5

1 question,

( greg only )


how did you come up with these cool stories? i have two of them.


2013-07-03 11:00 UTC–5
Why are so just so amazing? Happy Being able to come up with designs like that? And the story lines? Like I said, why are you so awesome? Joking
2013-07-03 11:01 UTC–5


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chewchew34 wrote:
This is my first day hearing of Greg. So please excuse my ignorance. But I have some questions for you Greg.
1. Can you give us some tips on how to write good stories?
2. Will there be anymore Ninjago sets? Episodes maybe?
3. This is the last one, when will Chima ONLINE open beta come out?

1) One of the important things is to treat your characters as real people, in a way. If you try to force them to do things in your story that they wouldn't normally do, then it  becomes hard to write, because they stop being predictable. And predicting what they do  next is part of your job as a writer.

2) Yes and yes.

3) Don't know

2013-07-03 11:02 UTC–5

diglett809 wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

batkid02 wrote:

Here is another question: Have you always been a writer, or were you something else before that?Thinking

I have been a sports writer, a game writer/editor, a copywriter, and then a writer/editor at LEGO. So I have pretty much always been a writer.

What sport did you write about?

Mainly high school sports -- football, basketball, baseball and soccer.

2013-07-03 11:04 UTC–5
1) Cause it is
2-4) I just got on the message boards for the first time today, so I am still learning about what is here.
5) They asked me.
2013-07-03 11:04 UTC–5

wow,steve has reviled a new rankConfusedtaff!so far the type of mods are moderator,administer,disgner and staff

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MamaJulz wrote:

This, this is FANTASTIC! Happy Nerd Anyway, I have two questions. If your overloaded with questions right now, there's no need to give these any priority. Wink 


1. Will you continue The Yesterday's Quest and Powers That Be? 

2. Where could they be continued? 



1) I don't have plans to right now.

2) As far as I know, there is no place where they could be continued.

2013-07-03 11:06 UTC–5

SprinkleOtter wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
1) Yes, very well. 2) That was so long ago I don't remember. 3) It was basically overlaid, sort of like if you put one coat of paint over another coat of paint. The first coat is still there, you just can't see it.

1) I met you shortly after that contest, because of that contest. My brother was one of the winners.

2) Ha ha! Okay.

3) Interesting...

Thanks! Happy


And one more question... Who picked Matoro to be the one to save Mata Nui? You?

And why Matoro?

I did, yes. And I picked Matoro because he felt that he wasn't doing enough to be a hero ... he didn't really feel worthy of his power. So I thought it would be cool if he did the most heroic thing of all.