2013-08-18 22:35 UTC–5

acidicus24 wrote:

Greg in the book stone cold who destroyed the prison?

Agents of Garmadon.

2013-08-18 22:36 UTC–5

acidicus24 wrote:

Greg you told me I would learn yeah but I am supposed to wait all the way to october?

Everyone else has to wait, so you do too.

2013-08-18 22:36 UTC–5

acidicus24 wrote:

Greg at one time you wrote me that detecting sets ninjago does 2014 depend on the marketingu.Greg team whether you could give to them me the phone or the mail?

No, I cannot do that.

2013-08-18 22:37 UTC–5

1.Will Gelu, Orde, Chiara, and Zaria find Lewa?

2.Will the Bota Magna Great Being be freed?

3.Will Gelu's team complete their mission to inform the Great Beings their damage is undone?

4.Will the Great Beings' weapon to wipe out all Toa be defeated?

2013-08-18 22:40 UTC–5

1.Will Pohatu and Kopaka get back to Spherus Magna from the Red Star?

2.What becomes of the Toa Mahri, and the Gold Skinned Being?

3.What happens to Toa Lesovikk?

4.What happens to Makuta Miserix?

5.Will Brutaka be free of the Antidermis?

2013-08-18 22:42 UTC–5

AidenPons wrote:

Okay. These questions are NOT SORTED AT ALL.


  1. Did Exo-Force actually have a real ending?
  2. In the Mata Nui Online Game 1, Takua is shown wearing a Kanohi Ruru. But he is supposed to wear a Pakari. Was that the game designer's fault?
  3. I just don't get the Golden Skinned Being at all. The Skadiki dumped various people into a tank, and .....?
  4. What disks are needed for an Olmak? Surely it's just a teleportation disk... But then why were there only two Olmak? (Olmak = Mask of Dimensional Gates)
  5. Was the Mask of Time ever released in a set?

Have to split your answers in too, or there won't be enough room for me to answer.


1) Not that I ever came up with, no idea if someone else had one.

2) I had nothing to do with MNOG and can't answer questions regarding it

3) And came out with a being who can make dreams real.

4) Don't recall, it was too long ago.

5) Yes. It was sold in limited edition Vahki sets and was also included in a limited edition piece tub.


2013-08-18 22:45 UTC–5

AidenPons wrote:

Okay. These questions are NOT SORTED AT ALL.


  2. Oh yes. In MNOG 1 (again) and several oif the early BIONICLE videos, the Toa are seen with golden masks that can also transform into the Turaga's Noble Masks. But there was no reference to the Toa collecting the Noble Masks in the books.
  3. And another thing about masks: The Toa Nuva collected SOME Nuva Masks. Could they still use them later on? It seems that they didn't...
  4. More masks.... Were there any other Nuva Masks?
  5. Still more... How come the Toa (while not Nuva) didn't collect the Nuva Masks by accident when they were searching for the Non-Nuva masks?
  6. Who hid the masks, anways? It says in the books that SOMEONE hid those masks. But Makuta would have nicked them, the Turaga had not the strength, the Toa Metru didn't seem to... so was it the Matoran? They knew where they were hidden: they gave the Toa directions.
  7. Takua's Kanohi Pakari is the same colour as the infected ones on the Nui-Jaga. Was that just co-incidence?
  8. Why were there only two Le-Matoran ever in sets? (I'm not sure if Tanma is a Le-Matoran or an Av-Matoran. I think he's an Av one) Is that just more coincidence?

2) That would have been covered by the Hapka books, and she was not part of the story team and did not know everything. But I know it was stated somewhere that they collected the Noble Masks and gave them to the Turaga.

3) I don't know what you're referring to.


4) Not to my knowledge


5) Simple. We hadn't come up with the idea of Nuva masks in 2001.


6) It states (somewhere) that the Toa Metru did it before they became Turaga.


7-8)  No idea, not a set designer.

2013-08-18 22:48 UTC–5


  1. Heatstones only featured in MNOG 1. Are they canon?
  2. In the Exo-Force sets, the Golden Robot had three pilotable vehicles. Does this mean he could only wage war with one at a time?
  3. Oh yes. Why did Makuta terrorize the Matoran af Mata Nui when he knew that for Mata Nui to rise again the Matoran had to be on Metru Nui?

Running out of space.... Sad

1) Yes, they are mentioned in the BIONICLE Encyclopedia

2) Um, yes, that would make sense that he could not pilot three vehicles at once.

3) But he wanted them there when his plan called for them to be there, not before. He wanted to control when they found out about Metru Nui again

2013-08-19 07:11 UTC–5

Greg who agents are garmadona?

2013-08-19 07:12 UTC–5

Greg and of these villains who closed in prison? first spinjitzu master?

2013-08-19 07:13 UTC–5

greg tell me the too entire evil in the land ninjago is overlord responsible?

2013-08-19 07:14 UTC–5

Greg why kai is disliking garmadona?

2013-08-19 07:16 UTC–5

Greg in the DoD plot is written that garmadon umięścił terrible zgumne devices is it correlating with the next season?

2013-08-19 07:18 UTC–5

Greg what title has 9 book?

2013-08-19 07:18 UTC–5

Greg what is book 9 about?