2013-08-25 15:43 UTC–5

hawaiiandog5000 wrote:

What does the Mask of healing look like from bionicle?

Does not exist in plastic, so no idea.

2013-08-25 15:44 UTC–5

Akuumo wrote:

1. Do youy have any plans, what about characters from stories?


2. Did species from Spherus Magna was bring to live by... evolution?

1) No, I don't.


2) Given that there are people on these boards who believe in evolution and people who believe in intelligent design, I am not even going to go there.

2013-08-25 15:45 UTC–5

Firox555 wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:



I welcome any questions that are not about Ninjago 2014, at this point.

-- Please note that these abilities were ones chosen by and voted on by BZPower members. I did not create them, so exactly what the details of them are really needs to come from the people who did create them.


-- Yes, we know GBs have physical bodies, because one was chained up in one of the serials. They cannot exist without them, but they do have the tech to essentially transfer brain patterns, which is how the red star works. A new body gets made and the brain patterns get transferred out of the old, dead body into the new one.


I understand - so they need a body (like Makuta?) but they do have the technology to transfer their consciousness to new bodies.


Do you mind if I ask another question?


You stated that the size of the Great Beings had not been defined (they're not necessarily big). Does their size tend to vary depended on the individual? I can tell that some of them are pretty different in personality - does this translate into physical appearances as well? Would different GB's have preferences for certain types of bodies?


Just one more question, then I'll let it rest for a while...


What happened to Tuma, after The Legend Reborn? I never understood this... if he's still alive, do you think that he is likely to join TSO's new organization?


And I understand that you're going under some stress due to the Ninjago 2014 thing. I won't ask any questions of that sort... thanks for your patience. Smile


1) My expectation is that most GBs are still in their original bodies, and thus had little to no choice what they look like, anymore than we do.

2) I don't see Tuma wanting to serve under someone else. He will probably try to start his own band of guerillas.

2013-08-25 15:46 UTC–5

botven1 wrote:

Hey Greg,


Did you ever plan to have the toa Nuva turn into turaga?


Also, what did you plan to happen to Lewa after he got captured by the Bota Matga Agori?



1)  I personally did not, no.

2) I don't plan my stories out ahead. I write them as they come to me. Half the fun is getting characters into traps and then having to figure out how to get them out.

2013-08-25 15:50 UTC–5

sepublic22 wrote:

Hey, Greg;


1. Can the rest of Kirchonn's army eventually get powerful enough to create axes out of thin air, or is this only possible for Kirchonn himself?


2. In The Truth-Seeker story of 'Jay: Ninja of Lightning' how come Soon and the villagers didn't arrest Lee for making deals with the skulkin?


3. Why is Meca One so obssessed with taking control of the mountain, when he could just dominate the surrounding area, allowing his army to grow even bigger?


4. How come Lhikan died in 'Legends of Metru Nui' when the only thing that happened was that his shield was, well.... eaten?

1) I have a feeling that is as much as a willpower-based power as anything else, and as the leader, he would have had the most willpower.

2) I wrote that such a long time ago that I do not remember the story.


3) He could, it's true ... but on the other hand, Santa Ana could have bypassed the Alamo, and did not. It's a matter of not wanting to have an enemy garrison behind your lines.


4) Lhikan was hit by the full force of Makuta's shadow hand. That was a devastating impact.

2013-08-25 19:29 UTC–5

When is the new season of Ninjago supposed to air?

And how many episodes will be airing in it?

2013-08-25 20:03 UTC–5

spyro973 wrote:

When is the new season of Ninjago supposed to air?

And how many episodes will be airing in it?

Sorry, Spyro, I do not have this information.

2013-08-25 20:09 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

spyro973 wrote:

When is the new season of Ninjago supposed to air?

And how many episodes will be airing in it?

Sorry, Spyro, I do not have this information.

Ninjago said on facebookNinjago said on facebook that it would air on December, 18th, 2013. Do you at least know if that is true?
2013-08-25 20:14 UTC–5

 will there be chima comics? (PS if someone already asked this don't blame me because i didn't read through the whole thing)

2013-08-25 20:40 UTC–5
the kestora have there is elemental powers?
2013-08-25 21:13 UTC–5
why did you end bionicle it was doing so well
2013-08-25 22:58 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

hawaiiandog5000 wrote:

If you were in bionicle, what would you look like and what would be your name?

No idea.

Okay Surprised

2013-08-26 04:10 UTC–5

Greg tell me when recently you could see sets ninjago 2014?

2013-08-26 04:11 UTC–5

Greg tell me cz you have sets ninjago 2013 at home?

2013-08-26 04:13 UTC–5

Greg tell me whether you could already see ninjago 2014 summer sets?