2014-01-05 20:14 UTC–5

Ivan8565 wrote:

Dear Greg,

Can you tell me the up coming sets your making for LEGO Ninjago?

Or is that a spoiler and you can't tell me? Because I'm really exited for the upcomming sets.







I've seen 'em, but you can't post pics. A few cool looking ones. The enemies are cyborgs.

2014-01-06 14:19 UTC–5

bioniclefanone wrote:
Uh why did Velika turn evil?
Do you think his former Voya Nui resistence team members would try to stop him?
Do you think Lesovikk's toa team would hate him if they got outta of the Red Star?

1) Velika felt that the actions of his fellow GBs were responsible for the mess on Spherus Magna and that what was needed was an iron hand to take direct action.

2) They might, but I don't think they would last five minutes.


3) I would hope not. He made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes.

2014-01-06 14:20 UTC–5

Tomasko579 wrote:

It is said that the matoran don't have mental discipline to use kanohi masks. Is it possible for them to train their minds to use the masks, maybe Ce-matoran ? Nerd

Can a powerful telepathic being like Artakha or Tren krom activate the mask with their mind without wearing it ?

P.S. I know Tren krom cannot wear masks, but anyway...

1) No. Part of the reason we did this in story was to make Toa more special. If Matoran can run around using Great Masks, who needs Toa?

2) No

2014-01-06 14:20 UTC–5

acidicus24 wrote:

greg what is air date ninjago rebooted?

Don't know.

2014-01-06 14:24 UTC–5

Daler99 wrote:

What went into the decision to make Metus the traitor in 2009?


Do you like Star Trek? Joking

1) It wasn't that hard of a decision to make. Metus was a fight promoter, and in old movies, the fight promoter is always a crook.

2) I like Classic Trek, yes.

2014-01-06 14:26 UTC–5

Ivan8565 wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
1) He is basically able to take your dreams and make them reality. 2) No, it is purely physical speed. 3) Probably Jay. 4) I am not aware that anything has "gone wrong" with Chima. If you look back at Ninjago, Ninjago was not that popular until the TV series really hit. The Chima series has only had three episodes so far, so when the series really gets started this summer, I think a lot more people will get into it. Also, Ninjago is coming back in 2014, so Chima did not replace it.

Hey, I know a bunch people who thought ninjago was going to be awesome when they first heard of ninjago.  And they all loved the moive, Anyways, the TV series, just plain terrible. All they care about now is video games and rent. I mean, there was action, yes, mostly on their video game screens though. Also, after watching the movie, I thought it was awesome, but when the animated series came out, I was very disappointed. (I actually fell asleep from boredom of watching it) And alot of my friends that at one point were huge fans of ninjago eventully left the ball game for something else. So I'm just saying, you're completly wrong their. Also, one more thing, the sets are even better then the tv show, so still, I don't know what you mean by, "Ninjago was on;y a hit when the animated series came out" more like it was a hit before then.



A couple of points on this -- you are going based the opinion of the people you know, which is cool. I am going based on what we learned from sales. Things like spinners did not start to sell well until the show was on the air, and Ninjago is the only show I have ever heard of where the ratings stay high even in reruns. You are certaintly entitled to feel it is not for you, and your friends are too, but there are obviously a lot of people who like it or the show would be off the air.

2014-01-06 14:27 UTC–5

Ivan8565 wrote:

Hey Greg, did they make chima to cover up all the badness of ninjago and try to attempt to make ninjago look good? Because Chima is at least 4x (Not using hyperbole) worst then Ninjago and Ninjago from  1-100 is at least acording to me and most people I know 35-40. Just saying, but Chima make ninjago look good. Is this what they were aiming for?

Ivan - Sorry, I don't see this as a serious question worthy of answer.

2014-01-06 14:29 UTC–5

yoyoboy2004 wrote:

Happy Holidays, Greg Smile


I was wondering, was there ever an actual end to "The Legend Reborn" Bionicle movie? The product was discontinued before the next movie could come out, but I wasn't sure if there was actually a planned ending that was just never revealed. Of course, if you didn't work on that, I get it.


Also, do you just work on the comics for Ninjago and not the show at all? 


This may sound kind of weird, but is Ninjago, the show, based on the toys that started coming out, or have the toys been made to keep up with the series? If that doesn't make sense, I'll try to clarify...



Pixie - The original plan was that there would be two more movies, that is why the ending is so ... open.

No, I do not work on the show at all, just the graphic novels.


I am not sure exactly how the Ninjago team does it. With BIONICLE, we had a general idea of story (setting, etc.) and then the sets were designed and the detailed story followed the sets. I do not know if Ninjago does detailed story first or does set designs first.

2014-01-06 14:29 UTC–5

keplers wrote:

I was having a discussion with a friend about the cost/benefit of removing Mata Nui's face to get to Metru Nui...


What is the Great Spirit Robot made of? It would greatly aid our conversation.

It's made of metallic protodermis, I believe.

2014-01-06 14:31 UTC–5

OneMandalore wrote:

Hello again.


I watched a Bionicle autopsy on YouTube and it gave me a good question.

If Bionicle hadn't ended so suddenly, how would you have ended the story?


No way to  know. We were not planning an end for it at the time it ended. If sales had stayed good, BIONICLE might have gone on for another 10 years, who knows?

2014-01-06 14:32 UTC–5

Shougun70 wrote:

Hi Mr. Farshtey!!! I know you're a busy man but I just wanted to ask how, or if, you intended to finish the Bionicle story. THe theme still has a fanbase of millions who are left on two cliffhangers and I was wondering if you intended to wrap the story up or leave it to us (fan stories). Thank you for your time sir.              -Shougun70

At this point, I do not.

2014-01-06 14:32 UTC–5

Shougun70 wrote:

Oh, also I was wondering if you planned on doing any book/comic signings. That'd be cool. Just throwing it out there.

Nothing is scheduled right now.

2014-01-06 14:33 UTC–5

penguin2979 wrote:

why did bionicle get cancelled??!!?  Crying

Declining sales, for the most part.

2014-01-06 14:34 UTC–5

Shougun70 wrote:

Hi Mr. Farshtey!


     SInce we don't have many pictures of the Great Beings, I was wondering what they look like. I know Velika disguised himself as a Matoran, but in most of the pictures of unnamed Great Beings they don't look like Bionicles at all! Are they totally organic? And I was also wondering what turned Velika evil.

I always saw them as being most likely of the same species as the Glatorian. We never discussed the concept of them coming from some other world or anything like that. But exactly what they look like was never determined.

2014-01-06 14:36 UTC–5

Shougun70 wrote:

Sorry, I was aslo wondering something else-


     The Red Star brings the dead back to life, right? Wouldn't that mean that every Toa, Makuta, Visorak, etc. that's ever existed still be alive inside the Red Star?


     And also I know that the story kinda ended, but if you'd continued it... Would Kopaka and Pohatu escape? And would Lewa be OK? (He's my favorite character)

1) Yes, theoretically

2) I doubt very much I would have killed any of the Nuva