2013-07-04 17:43 UTC–5

Hello Mr. Farshtey. Or can I call you Greg? Joking


I remember over 10 years ago reading the first Bionicle comic..... Man that's a good memory. I thought it was awesome. It's what got me into writing/drawing comics, and I also remember going to the store to buy Tahu.


Thanks for making me a LEGO nut. Joking


Oh and question: Have any of your stories/ideas ever been rejected by LEGO? If so, what reason?

2013-07-04 18:21 UTC–5

Greg, whats Ninjago Book #7 about?

2013-07-04 18:40 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

Tomkatie wrote:

Greg, I have two questions for you:


1. Which Toa do you think you identified most with?


2. When Makuta got hit in the head with one of the chunks in the last series, that that nearly destroy Metru Nui?



*Passes out*

I really didn't "identify" with any of them. They're heroes and bio-mechanical beings of action, and I'm a writer. They fight evil, I sit behind a desk and type Smile

Damaged it, yes.

A historicd moment! Surprised you used a smiley Joking

2013-07-04 18:58 UTC–5
  1. Would the bone-heads of Voodoo Island have also been bio-mechanical?
  2. It is correct that "Bionicle" means Biological Chronical, and is not refering to the characters?
  3. If so, why was the gold form of Tahu "The Golden Bionicle"?
  4. Did you have an important part of the making of the sets, movies, or comic books?
  5. Do you have any ideas for an original LEGO Theme? You don't have to describe it if you can't (Restrictions), a yes or no will suffice.
  6. Would you support a LEGO Fighting Game? (There is a topic in the Video Game Forums, and I probably have the most posts there)
2013-07-04 19:21 UTC–5



There are a few places you could post continuations to the Bionicle story. Here are the places that would make the most sense:


BZPower (Bionicle fan foums, it's huge, let me tell you)

BioSector01 (I know you've answered some questions from them beofore)

The BioMedia Project (It's an archive of all Bionicle Media they can get their hands on that isn't paid for-they're working on launching one for other themes as well)


I'm sure LEGO would let you prevent us from being left hanging if you ask. Joking I'm going to take a look at the serials myself soon via BMP's archive.


And best of wishes to you in your personal life as well as your work! I know it must be so busy for you. It's amazing that you've found the time to put up with us. Joking

2013-07-04 21:26 UTC–5

Hey Greg! I was wondering, during episode 25, "Return of the Overlord", Ninjago, there's one scene where Lloyd is asking why the Garmatron is heading towards the coast, he's wearing his old outfit. Ten seconds later, he's in his Kimono again! Surprised Is this a glitch? And in "Ninjaball run", when Kai is asking if Nya just tuned up their Ultra Sonic Raider, he's in his original gear (Instead of his ZX gear). Also, I noticed you changed the theme song of Ninjago during the first few episodes of the season, "Rise of the Snakes". Why is this? If you think I'm criticizing Ninjago, I'm not. I'm a big fan of the show and the sets! Happy Happy Happy I'm going to get Garmatron tomorrow. Happy

2013-07-04 21:45 UTC–5


It did with meCrying_

2013-07-04 22:07 UTC–5

Greg, where can I find some of the old BIONICLE comics like IGNITION and Battle for Power? I just started reading number 2 and need number 1. Notice the need. Yes, BIONICLE is that good.

2013-07-04 22:14 UTC–5

TridentLegend wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

TridentLegend wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

TridentLegend wrote:
Okay I'm a huge fan of the Bionicle artwork I saw in one of the Brickmaster 2010 article. It looked really cool. Maybe if you had a 2010 LEGO Magizine The Best Of Brickmaster 2010 book you could find what I was talking about. Who did that artwork cause I love it! I even used the style in one of my drawings! I know it'll be hard to find what I'm talking about. Maybe you could get your hand on a copy of the March/April 2010 issue it wich it's in. Please reply!

Even if I found it, doubt I would remember who did it.

Ahh. Okay. I understand. Then can you tell me who did most of the artwork for the Bionicle aduio things on their website? That was really cool! If not then it's okay. Sorry art is one of my hobbies.

Do you mean things like the original web game?

No the audio series on the Bionicle Website. The art for that thing.

Sorry, no idea

2013-07-04 22:15 UTC–5

fastcar700 wrote:

I can't believe i'm talking to the Greg man! Joking Now, I have a question. Are you going to work on any more BIONICLE stuff, such as podcasts, or at least release a few more pieces of information?

I don't have plans to do more BIONICLE writing at present -- for one thing, there is no place to post it. As for the rest, it has been a few years since I wrote any BIONICLE and details are not fresh in my mind on some things at the moment.

2013-07-04 22:16 UTC–5

dog3335 wrote:

Hello, Mr Farshtey.


Did you have any part in creating the dark hunters?


Well, I just thought I'd ask this question...


Because all in all, the dark hunters are my favorite bionicle people. ;{D


I'll try not to bother you.


Oh, and you can use the qoute button when replying to post. :{ )


1) The DH as a concept was not created by me, no, that came from other people on the story team

2013-07-04 22:17 UTC–5

haon138 wrote:

I don't know you that muchThinking but I will ask you some questions...



When there were movies about Bionicle that came out, did you have the idea... or did you at ALL work with this movie?


Another question... Are there going to be any more Bionicle sets? There weren't any in a long time, the site was removed, they might have been replaced with Hero Factory...Sad



I'm glad I've got the chance to know you (will look up more about you)!Smile

1) The only one of the movies I had anything to do with was the last one, I wrote the story for that.

2) There are no plans I know of for additional BIONICLE sets.

2013-07-04 22:18 UTC–5

chinchilla3335 wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

chinchilla3335 wrote:

Bionicle fiction that is.


1) I do have stuff of my own that I am working on, but I don't have a lot of time for it.

2) I don't think i would be allowed to do unofficial BIONICLE fiction, since I am a LEGO employee.

Non commercially obviously, but maybe on a blog?

I think the same thing would apply. As a LEGO employee, anything I do online, especially related to LEGO, is seen as coming from an official LEGO source. So I cannot do what amounts to fan fiction.

2013-07-04 22:19 UTC–5

chinchilla3335 wrote:

So Greg, how did you come up with the epic plot for bionicle? What were your inspirations? Also, who was your favorite character to create and/or develop

It's important to keep in mind that the overall plot for the year -- the beginning and ending -- came from the story team as a whole. I filled in the middle and wrote side stories, but I did not do all the plotting for it. And my favorite characters tended to be ones like Mavrah that I created.

2013-07-04 22:23 UTC–5

starwars7495 wrote:
Mr. Farshtey... first, I just have to say what an honor it is to be able to talk to you!Happy I am a huge fan of your work on the Bionicle Saga, and to this day your work is still the best I have seen in a LEGO storyline or any other short story! If you don't mind taking a bit of time to answer my questions, (of course you don't, otherwise this topic wouldn't be hereJoking) then I'll get started.

1. Was this topic your idea, or the Mod's, and how did it come about?

2. How long do you think this topic will stay up?

3. Did you ever have a hand in any Bionicle set designs?

4. When Bionicle was first created, did the LEGO team have you on imedeately as writer or..?

5. How did you first get into LEGO?

6. If it's not too much, how and why did the LEGO company pick you as a writer?

7. Almost done.Happy Do you think sometime in the future you'll be able to finish The Powers That Be, and Yesterday's Quest regardless of having been closed?

8. Last one, I promise...Wink What is your favorite LEGO theme?

Thanks again for reading this and taking time out of your day to answer it. I'll say it one more time before I post this... It is a great honor to speak with you. Thanks!


1) Fans were asking about talking with me, so someone at LEGO asked me if I would be willing to do this.

2) No idea.


3) No, I am a writer, not an artist. I have no talent for set design.


4) I was hired as the LEGO Club Writer in October of 2000, after the first story bible for BIONICLE was already written. BIONICLE was always a side job for me, my main job is and always has been Club magazine and website.


5) I answered an ad.


6) No idea. You would need to ask the people who hired me.


7) Well, first off, there would be no place to post any of it. Second, I don't have a lot of free time these days to be able to write stuff like that, especially since no one at LEGO is asking me to