2014-08-06 15:07 UTC–5

Can a Toa of Jungle create a sentient plant like the Morbuzakh ?

2014-08-06 15:10 UTC–5

Hi! I think my question might have been buried.... Anyway, do you think it's most correct to describe Skakdi with Matoran prefixes (e.g. "Hakann is a Ta-Skakdi"), "Skakdi of [element]" ("Hakann is a Skakdi of Fire"), or "Skakdi with control over [element]" ("Hakann is a Skakdi with control over Fire")? Thank you!

2014-08-06 16:42 UTC–5

Dear Greg,

Where and win is it revealed that Velika was the hidden Great Being and that Red Star can "revive" dead inhabitants of the MU? 

Thanks for your time. 

2014-08-06 18:54 UTC–5

thanks for answering my questions and I have a few more


1) when a being is sent to the red star would they be rebuilt in there original form or the form they were last in (for example would Lhikan be rebuilt as a matoran a toa or as a turagra)

2) did matoro get sent to the red star or not because of his energy being used to power the Mata Nui robot

3) I heard that toas of plantlife were origanly all going to be female why was it changed?

4) would you one day want to finish the storys that were on bioniclestory.com if you ever get the chance?

2014-08-06 20:08 UTC–5
1. There is a Fikou sub-species on Voya Nui that has a tail and pincers. How did they gain these. Were they made by the Makuta as a different Rahi, or did they adapt. Or something else?

2. You said earlier that the Fikou may find a region similar to the region they have already adapted to, but many may die through looking. Could you confirm wether or not if a population of Fikou are doing exactly that or not?

3. Sorry for another conservation status question Joking. What would be the conservation status of Hahnahs?

4. Are the Toa currently moving the Hahnahs and all other water Rahi to spherus magna?

5. If the waters in the MU would leak out would that make mutagen on SM?

6. Did Mata Nui cure Aqua Magna of the mutagen?
2014-08-06 20:47 UTC–5

1. Is Pin-the-tail on the Ash Bear a common or favorite game to play?

2. On what occasions would this be played?

3. The robot is being taken apart, correct? What are the materials used for now?

4. Could you please confirm finally wether or not Lehvak-Kal is orbiting Spherus Magna or not?

5. I have a feeling your going to tell me that it depends how fast the planet was going or something to that effect. So can you tell me if the planet was going slow enough for Lehvak-Kal to be orbiting the new planet?

6. From the way you said that real life physics don't apply, and that in many comics things have been taken out of orbit in similar situations makes it seems that you want it so that Lehvak-Kal has been ripped out of orbit. Is there a reason why you try not to deny/confirm any status of Lehvak-Kal what so ever? Could you atleast confirm he is somewhere in Solis Magna, or even further in the Galactic Universe?

7. According to BS01, the Krana-Kal escaped desctruction of the Bohrok-Kal's shells. Did all escape destruction?

8. It says the Turaga kept them. Do they still have them?

9. Were the Bohrok reprogrammed in The Kingdom?

10. What will happen to the Bohrok in their nest? Just lay to waste there while the rest of the robot is being taken down?

11. Is Spherus Magna's core currently containing Energized Protodermis.

12. Could war break out over the EP in the MU?

13. If protodermis was discovered and you weren't told about it, and you found out, would you finally consider real life physics to work in BIONICLE? Joking 

2014-08-06 20:50 UTC–5

alienduck wrote:
  1. What happens to the life-force absorbed by the Mask of Undeath once the original wearer removes the mask?
  2. Can beings using an Iden possess machinery or other Iden users?
  3. Why did the GB's give Makuta Shadow Powers/Make them beings of shadow? The reson I saw was "There are creatures that live in shadow" And they need to control the Rahi they make. But that same logic could easily have been applied to Light, Water, Air, Fire, etc. Also, why did the GBs see the need to give Makuta any of the Multipowers other than Rahi Control and Insect Control? I mean, what use would "Power Scream" or "Shattering" be against Rahi when you can just control them?
  4. Would it possible for a Matoran with the right combination to forge an Olisi, Kraakhan, or Avohkii?
  5. I remember something about Airships being pioleted by Levitate Disks (Miru) and "Increase Weight Disks." As "Increase Weight" is not one of the original Disk powers, is there a Mask of "Increase Weight" or is that just the Garai, Mask of Gravity?
  6. In addition, would it be safe to assume there is a mask of "Remove Poison," "Weakness," and "Freeze" considering that the original Kanoka Disk powers contained these abilities?
  7. Are there "reverse" Disks/Masks? Some Disks and Masks have opposite abilities, for example, Mask of Translation and Incomprehension, etc.
  8. Are the Copper Masks of Victory made of Copper or some other metal, or could they function as actual Kanohi?

Greg, did you read this?

2014-08-06 21:15 UTC–5

1. Where will be the new base of the Ta-Koro guard?

2. Who is the new Captain of the Guard?

3. The Golden Being made the mad dreams of skakdi come alive. There are so many skakdi there, and Irnakk is a very popular myth and story I assume. Is it possible Irnakk was in those mad dreams?

And I'll copy and paste skipped questions.

1.) Did the Earth Tribe have any allies with other tribes?

2.) If yes, which?

3.) Did the Earth Tribe have any other tribes as enemies?

4.) Were any members of the Earth Tribe left on Bara Magna after the shattering?

5.) Approximately how much?

6.) Did the Element Lord of Earth have the same powers as that of the Element Lord of Rock?

7.) What difference in poweres do Toa of Earth and Stone have?

8.) Could an Element Lord be Killed?

9.) Can the chambers used to change the Glatorian into Element Lord still be used today?

10.) How exactly does that chamber work?

11.) Can it change Agori?

12. If a Matoran/Toa/Turaga would find that chamber and activate however it activates the changing, could they also be Element Lords?

13. What plants would the Earth Tribe farm? Thornax? What else?

14. What weapons did Lewa have in his space form?

2014-08-06 21:26 UTC–5

Hi Greg, I was having a look at the 2008 Matoran Universe map, and a box says "The southernmost part of the universe is the volcanic island of Artidax. What lies further, is still a mistery..."


Does this mean we could have seen the "legs" of the MU?

In toher words, have the story team ever thought about setting the story in these unknown and mysterious islands?

2014-08-07 00:34 UTC–5

Under what circumstances could there be an elementless matoran?

2014-08-07 00:48 UTC–5

To a Toa of Magnetism's powers also magnetically contol fellow Toa because they are part mechanical?

2014-08-07 00:49 UTC–5

Mr Farshtey,


why does umbra have light powers even though his name is latin for shadow?



____________________________________________________________________________________________Signed: Robo Skeleton Astronaut

2014-08-07 09:15 UTC–5

Rick7021 wrote:

Mr Farshtey,


why does umbra have light powers even though his name is latin for shadow?



____________________________________________________________________________________________Signed: Robo Skeleton Astronaut

What creates shadows?

2014-08-07 09:16 UTC–5

Andrew31kbrick193 wrote:

Under what circumstances could there be an elementless matoran?

I can't envision circumstances for that.

2014-08-07 11:15 UTC–5

Hi Mr.Farshtey can you answer this questions please

1.Where did the Borok go? Where they left in the mata nui robot?

2. how are you?

Thanks for answering Thumbs up