2014-10-01 14:52 UTC–5

If I might ask for some clarification:


  1. Did Hafu, Kapura, Tuyet, Helryx, Artakha, Axonn, Brutaka, Miserix, and Vezon escape the Great Being's fortress?
  2. If so, how did they escape? Did they use the teleportation powers of Kapura, Artakha, Brutaka, Miserix, or Vezon? For that matter, how did they know that the fortress was about to be destroyed?
  3. Did Velika successfully destroy the fortress? And, if the above beings did escape, does he know that they escaped?
  4. You said that the cursed Great Being escaped, but that the heroes didn't know about it. How did he get out? Did Vezon, Miserix, or Tuyet (the villains) assist him and/or go with him?

Thank you for your time.

2014-10-01 15:08 UTC–5

Thanks for telling me anyway. It'll be sad if it goes away.

2014-10-01 16:16 UTC–5

voporak1 wrote:



1. What are the limits to what can create the mask of creation? we know that the mask of creation can create any object from nothing if the user knows how build it. So if the user of the mask knows how build a city is that the mask of creation could create it?


2.Is that the GB have the technology to evolve other species? The best way for me to explain to you would be that velika has done with the people of the MU. But my question is if the GB are able to done the same thing that velika but with a true species like a primate species.


3. The mask of creation can he create a new appearance for him with his power?


4. Is that you would be in the story team of the new bionicle?


5 in one of my old queston i had ask you if there were other planets with intelligents life form that Spherus Magna and you answered yes. my question would be whether there would have a life form that is more advanced that the GB in the system of solis magna? 


                            THANK YOU Happy

Can you answer to my question please.

2014-10-01 16:24 UTC–5

Will Nya pick Jay our Cole in ninjagoThinking

2014-10-01 16:48 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

littlejohn22 wrote:
COOL!!! I have one question: will you continue making those mini comic books for bionicle 2015?? I would love that, as when my bro used to get them like ten years ago, I obviously didn't read them, but now I am more into the theme.

I'm not aware of any plans for comics.

shoot. well I would love to see some, I read the older ones recently (my brother had like a huge pile of them) and I would love to see more of your work. Happy

2014-10-01 17:48 UTC–5



1.When Teridax has fought the Toa mata for the first time why he did not use his powers, he would have been able to    defeat them as easily as Brutaka who defeated the toa nuva at the same time in one shot. Same thing for the makuta    mistika.


2. Annona has he managed to escape from the dimension if yes how? 


3.What is the most effective mental defense; that the order of mata damaged or that of Ce Matoran 


4.I know the Matoran feed on energy but what will happen if a Matoran eats too much is what he is going to fatten or it will be harmful to their health. 


5. is that a makuta can be controlled the mind by a other being or be fooled by an illusion 


6. the Sister Skrall who meet the GB who mounted him his powers has an extreme level. is that it was just a legend created by Skrall sister or it is real.



2014-10-01 20:53 UTC–5

Okay, now I have a question. I've been reading about this whole Turaga Lhikan set change on BZPower, and I just want to know, does this mean that Lhikan wore a noble-styled Hau, much like Norik wore a noble-style Kiril for his Mask of Dismenishment, or is it a different variation from some other part of the Matoran Universe? The different variation has been the normal for some time now, but I've have always felt like it was more of a noble version. So, what do you have to say it is, Noble-styled Great Hau or a Different Variation of the Great Hau?

2014-10-01 20:59 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:


Just wanted to say a quick something --


A lot of you guys are BIONICLE fans, many from way back. It's no secret that you are some of the smartest, most loyal, and most dedicated fans out there. You, and you alone, have carried the torch for the line over the last four years. Hopefully, you will feel rewarded for your efforts by 2015 BIONICLE.


Regardless, I wanted to take this opportunity to say that I am really proud to be associated with you, and you should be really proud of yourselves.

Thanks, Mr. Farshtey! Happy Thank you for staying loyal to us the whole way.


I can't wait to see what the story team has cooked up for us. I'll definitely try to get a set or two. Smile


I do have a question, by the way, something that I don't fully understand:


What would the Alternate Teridax be trying to do, now that he is out of the GSR and hanging out on a planet totally alien to him? He's a pretty powerful character, after all. Will he try and help rebuild society? Does Velika know that he exists, and, if so, will he try to eliminate him?

2014-10-01 21:01 UTC–5

Okay, now I have a question. I've been following the whole "Turaga Lhikan set" on BZPower, and I want to know about his mask. For a long time now, Lhikan's mask as been stated to be a different variation from somewhere in the Matoran Universe. I, however, have always felt that it was more of a noble version, even back when the set wasn't considered Turaga Lhikan. It just always looked like it was, much in the same way Norik wears a Noble Kiril for his Great Pehkui. So, my question is; Is Lhikan's Hau more of a Noble-Styled Hau, or just a different variation?

2014-10-01 21:21 UTC–5

Where is 'Tyrant'? Has 'Tyrant' escaped the Silver Sea, and is he on Spherus Magna?

2014-10-01 22:01 UTC–5

What are you most excited to see in BIONICLE 2015?

2014-10-02 00:52 UTC–5

Hello Greg,

With the Good Guy set having been confirmed as Turaga Lhikan, I'm now curious if we have an in-universe explaination for why his mask is the same as a Toa and Turaga.

Is the reason for Lhikan's unique Great Kanohi Hau as a Toa that he had elected to have it molded into the shape of a Noble one?
In other words, is Lhikan's Great Kanohi Hau actually the standard shape for a Noble Kanohi Hau, and is there a particular reason or backstory (such as honouring someone he knows) for why he, as a Toa, chose to wear one carved in a Noble shape?

Thank you.

2014-10-02 03:52 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

2. he would freeze just the moisture in the air, which would in turn cause the temperature of the air to drop. also, given that his powers as a toa include creating more of his element, he could amplify that frozen moisture in the air to increase the effect. this would also avoid violating his powers by having him control something that isn't his element.


1. see the post pertaining to Avatar... the fluids would still be inside them, although i suppose removing them would be a nifty way to "eliminate" an opponent, if for whatever reason a water toa decided to do that!

2. so...

3. fair enough, although what was the deal with the lava monster? wishing for your speedy recovery.


1) I have no familiarity with Avatar at all, so citing that really doesn't help me much. I just really don't see this as something LEGO would allow, as I said.

3) I really don't recall, all of that stuff was written nine years ago now.

1. it would be exactly like you had zaria do in "the yesterday quest" with the metal body parts, except the water toa would instead be grabbing hold of the water inside the cells of their organic components, instead of the mechanical components. (btw Avatar is a great series... if you ever have time, you won't regret watching it. (it would be fun for your daughter as well.))

2. does that make sense for how ice toa make their environment cold without controlling something that isn't their element (heat/air)?

3. fair enough

4. (new question) What do you think of the potential success/failure of the new bionicle line, considering most of the fans are in their late teens/early twenties by now?

2014-10-02 08:42 UTC–5

Thank you for replying, Mr. Farshtey!  I've thought up some new questions:


  1. Were all Toa Hagah teams comprised of six members, or did the numbers vary by Makuta?
  2. Do the inorganic forms of the Toa Inika’s Kanohi resemble their organic forms, at least to some extent (I ask because the Kanohi of Jovan and Tobduk are depicted as identical in their set forms)?
  3. Since Shadow Kraata are able to speak Matoran, can they also speak when operating a Rahkshi, or does the suit impair their speech?
  4. The set form of Miserix’s dragon form is depicted with a bladed staff-like weapon. Was this weapon his tool in his default Makuta form, just enlarged, or did he wield a different weapon?
  5. Was Icarax originally intended to be a set incarnation of Teridax (because of the Kraahkan), or was he always supposed to be a separate Makuta?
  6. Were the shapes of the Mistika Makuta’s masks significantly altered by the waters of the Karda Nui swamp, or did they still resemble their original forms to some extent?

Thank you very much!  I hope you have a great day!

2014-10-02 08:56 UTC–5
Have you written for anything LEGO besides bionicle?