2014-11-26 00:02 UTC–5

In one of your posts you said that 52 Toa remained, then you later said a little over 40 remained, why the change in numbers?

2014-11-26 00:25 UTC–5

Some questions that I have found excuses for asking:


1. What did the turaga have against revealing the existence of Metru Nui prematurely?


2. If the turaga still remembered Metru Nui, why did they not try to make the isle of Mata Nui more like it? Oh, wait, I got this. Materials. Nvm this question.


3. Probably has been asked before. Probably has an obvious yes answer. But I'll ask it anyway because this third question slot is burning a hole in my brain. Can toa of the secondary element form a kaita?


4. Next, a stupid and very irrelevant question based on wishful yet unreasonable thinking: How cool would it of been to have a makuta nui? XD


5. Which Bionicle comic issue has your favorite cover art on it? Yes I know I'm being a cliché "What's your favorite?" Kind of guy but it's a question that I don't think hasn't been addressed/I'm to lazy to go through these thousands of pages digging for it.



6. How come nobody but Vakama noticed Nidhiki and Krekka standing behind Teridax in Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui? Lemme guess, Teridax used mass illusion on everyone but Vakama? Isn't that unlikely considering the purpose of that would of been to keep the dark hunters secret? Or did he know that Vakama would have been ignored? I'm probably asking an obvious question aren't I?


7. Would there be any way to save the po-matoran Vellika possessed? Or did Vellika wipe out the matoran's original AI?


8. Do beings the Kestora disect get re-revived or are the Kestora hypocritically destroying the MU's resources?


9. How did the Red Star break? As in, what caused it to be incapable of returning revived MU inhabitants to the GSR?


10. Besides its association with the Brotherhood what about the felnas is immoral?


11. If you remove the rubber stinger on Gorast's felnas using scissors, does that make it a normal unmutated felnas (not that I would consider it)?


12. Is Miserix's face the canonical form of the mask of mutation or did the set designers basically ruin your perfectly good plans


2014-11-26 09:50 UTC–5

52 is over 40.

2014-11-26 09:57 UTC–5

Wilmerkardell wrote:

Hello Mr. Farshtey.


1) Is it canon that Takanuva is bigger then the Toa Nuva in Karda Nui?


2) What mask did Takua have(as of his mask being blue, and he most likely didn't get disguised as a Ta-Matoran with blue mask) before his Pakari?


3) Is it possible that glatorian battle continued but as a kind of sport?


4) Does the new "Dekar-Hydraxon" have any memory of Dekar deep within?


5) Is the Marendar stopable?


6) You are amzing Greg!


7)  Is Kumo one of the artists of "Kumo Rocks"?


8) What was Jaller's job on Metru Nui?


9) What mask did Naho where? The Kakama that layed nere her body?



A. Why was Lhikan gold in colour? Anything with story to do or just set designers?

B. Would the other Mangai have silver or gold or would they only be their main color=

C. Were the Mangai only of the 6 main elements, as Metru Nui was, or could the final Toa Mangai be of The Green, Iron, Lightning, Gravity Etc.?



11) A few questions about the Mohtrek, Mask of Time Duplication.

 A. If someone was to use it, but hasn't had it all his/her life, would it only work with the ones that got the mask? Or with him/her before the mask getting teleported into the future too?

 B. When Bitil summoned his time dubbles in Karda Nui, was there any none-insectoid ones there?

 C. Could you control from what time they come from, or was it random?


12) Is there any way for Pohatu and Kopaka to get off the red star? And what did Mavrah mean when he said "for the same reason as you." Was he killed by Velika nad thought Pohatu and Kopaka were too?




2014-11-26 11:58 UTC–5

Will the Nuva Cube be brought to Spherus Magna?

2014-11-26 13:16 UTC–5

Oh I understand how holidays and family can take up time. So what were some decsions that you were a major part of? And when was the 2008 twist ending, when Makuta took over the universe, decided upon?


And on a different note, are you planning to keep up with the new Bionicle? I know you aren't a part of the team now, but do you think that you'll keep up with it as a fan?


Thanks so much for answering all these fan questions. Have a happy Thanksgiving Happy

2014-11-26 13:58 UTC–5

I meant 57 not 52.

2014-11-26 14:29 UTC–5

ToaofTime4266 wrote:

Which form of the adaptive armor has the most speed?

Pohatu's Sky form, presumably.  His Kanohi Kakama Nuva would put him far ahead of even Lewa.

2014-11-26 15:42 UTC–5
Greg, what are you doing for ThanksgivingThinking?
2014-11-26 16:22 UTC–5

Hello Greg,

I have returned with the results from the poll I held on BZP to decide which element the final Toa Mangai will be, since you said that we should battle it out. After 10 days, 75 members have voted total on the poll, and the winner of the poll is for the final Toa Mangai to be a Toa of.... the Green.

Do you give your word of approval? Also, would it be possible for us to hold a poll to decided the Kanohi mask of this Toa also, if you deem it worthy?


2014-11-27 09:27 UTC–5
I have a question for Greg:

Between Teridax, Takadox, Zaktan, and Vezon? Who is your favorite villain to write about?
2014-11-27 09:28 UTC–5

I guess what I'm asking is, are there any Viruses left?

2014-11-27 12:25 UTC–5

If Artakha learns of Karzahni's death, will he mourn his death?

2014-11-27 13:23 UTC–5

If the Nui Saga (that you wrote) were to be continued.


What would have happened to the Toa Mahri?




Is Mata Nui have apart of Matoro's soul/spirit/consious in him?

2014-11-27 13:59 UTC–5

diglett809 wrote:
Greg, what are you doing for ThanksgivingThinking?

Apparently waiting until afterwards to answer questions. Joking Lol