2015-09-08 19:32 UTC–5

Andrew31kbrick193 wrote:

Hey Greg, in Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, before the other 5 Toa Metru joined Vakama to seal Makuta, how did they get up to the cliff where Vakama was? 


2015-09-08 19:33 UTC–5

IkukoUmetani wrote:

Greg here are some question form out to answer.

1. How is it possible to escape from the red star even if it not function?

2. Who were the other 24 toas that were not name?

3. Can you name some other makutas other than the ones we know of now? I came up some names for my moc makutas like ultron.

4. What did the g1 mask of creation look like?

5. Will lewa ever be set free?

6. Did some makutas manage to avoid from teridax after he took over the great spirit body?

7. Are g1 and g2 are relate in some way?

1) Well, you are in outer space ... so unless you can teleport without needing to know where you are going, or you have a spaceship, I don't see how you would do this.

2) Not sure what you are asking

3) No,. There are no more legally approved BIONICLE names for me to use.

4) I think it was described somewhere in G1, but don't recall

5) Story is frozen, so not unless it gets unfrozen.

6) No

7) That will be up to the G2 story team to decide. I am not involved with G2, so I can't comment on it.

2015-09-08 19:34 UTC–5

kobondo wrote:

Hi Greg i just wanted to ask can the inhabitants of the matoran universe die of old age

Yes. They have very long lifespans, but they would wear down eventually and die.

2015-09-08 19:37 UTC–5

maletoaofwater wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

voporak1 wrote:

Hi Mr Greg 


1. Even if I already know the answer, I'm curious to know if the Ignika can control aether?


2. The Ignika of the empire toa had begun his apocalyptic countdown? If so, the Ignika has stopped the countdown when Tuyet and her empire was defeated by Takanuva? 


3. What is the maximum range that the mask of time could slow down or accelerate time? A target, an area, a city or a world? 


4. Why Teridax wanted the mask of time how the Vahi would have been useful to his plan?

1) That is not a living thing, so no.

2) I can't recall if we got into that in that story, or even if we specified that an Ignika existed in that universe


3) A target.


4) Because he wanted to accelerate the amount of time it would take for the Matoran to develop sufficient amnesia that they would welcome him as a savior when he got them out of the canisters

2. since we know that universe diverged when nidhiki decided to help tuyet instead of lhikan, wouldn't it have to have one?

4. so he didn't concieve the plan to physically become the great spirit until much later? did he really only want the loyalty of the matoran? what would he have planned on doing when the robot inevitabily started to die?

2) Like I said, I don't recall whether we referenced it in that story.

4) Not sure I see the connection you are making? If the Matoran who lived in the brain served him, it would make taking over the body much easier. Otherwise, you take over the body and potentially the Matoran who keep your brain operating rebel.

2015-09-08 21:15 UTC–5

Mr. Farshtey:


Rahkshi of Limited Invulnerability and the Makuta all possess the power of Limited Invulnerability, but I don't recall it ever being used in the story. What exactly does it do? Is the user completely invulnerable for a limited amount of time, or is the user only mostly invulnerable for as long as the power is active?

2015-09-08 21:26 UTC–5

Hey Greg,


Just curious, but can you think of a reliable (discluding biosector01 and other wikis because this is for a project) source that explains the function of Rhotuka Launchers?


Or explain them yourself?


I need a "reliable" source for this stupid science project thing, and (long story), but I wanted to mention ripcord launchers.


Maybe I could contact Consumer Service...


Well, if you do have an answer (even if you don't), thanks for taking your time to read this out of your day!

2015-09-08 21:31 UTC–5

1. Did Lesovikk get mutated in anyway besides water breathing?


2.Did Tahu's golden armor go over his apdaptive armor, or did it replace it?


2a If over, can he still adapt but be golden?


2b If replace, does his weapon or weapons adapt?


3. If Tahu takes off his golden armor he no longer has the kraata powers right? So if  he puts it back on, does he get them back?


Thanks for answering my many Bionicle questions!!!!

2015-09-08 22:33 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

kobondo wrote:

Hi Greg i just wanted to ask can the inhabitants of the matoran universe die of old age

Yes. They have very long lifespans, but they would wear down eventually and die.

Couln't they just transfer their conciousness into new bodies, as a way of immortality? And then fix up the old bodies for use when their current one wears down, and go back 'n forth?


Oh, and assuming nothing happened, can Antidermis eventually die? Like, say there was absolutely no injuries, no fires that could burn it or anything, would they essentially live forever?

2015-09-09 06:34 UTC–5

CamdenNeely wrote:

1. A couple of sources now have indicated that Teridax was originally envisioned by the BIONICLE story team as a misunderstood or misguided villain, in a capacity similar to the infected Rahi of 2001 or the Bohrok in 2002. When did this change, and why?



This got buried!

2015-09-09 16:10 UTC–5

I was referring to the 24 toas that were still alive after teridax regin.

1. Who were the other known toa of plantlife and gravity since we don't know any of them?

2. How did teridax recreate the visorak while controlling the matoran universe? Did he use the makuta's he capture?

3. There were 40-50 toas left. So who were the ones we don't know?

4. Can anyone's else wear the mask of creation?

5. What kind of mask tridax and kojol wear?

6. Were you originally planing to include more toa of lights?

7. If the order of mata nui don't allow toas to be members, then why was krakua, toa of sonics, was a member?

8. Is there a way to turn a turaga back to a toa? 

2015-09-09 17:29 UTC–5
Hello there Greg Farshtey! An honor talking to you!

I have three questions that I have been meaning to ask you for a while now.

1. I know you're not going to finish the two story serials (The Yesterday Quest and The Powers that be) that you left unfinished, but can you please at least tell us how they end? You can just come up with something that will be good enough to conclude the stories. If not, why not? Does it need to be approved by LEGO or do you just not want to do so? Anyway, I'll understand.

2. What is your current job at LEGO as of right now? I have heard that you do not write the Ninjago books anymore. If so, what do you do?

3. Who created the Agori's, Glatorian's, Skrall's, Vorox's, etc's mechanical implants? Who came up with the idea? Why did they need said implants?

Anyway, thanks a lot for this and have a nice day!
2015-09-10 14:26 UTC–5

Dear Greg


1) How come whole world didn't flood when Voya Nui crashed through Great Spirit Robots walls?


2) Shouldn't Mata Nui's and Makuta's battle on Bara Magna kill everyone? They were so big that just their steps should cause giant earthquakes.


3) Did Mata Nui kill Ignika's consciousness?


4) Speaking of Ignika, why didn't it have a power to bring anyone back to life, but it had power to teleport and fly and other non-life-related stuff?


5) Why did Artakha even create Nuva Cube? It seems that there was absolutely no positive effects on the Cube (for the Toa, that is.)


6) How it is possible that LEGO theme had plot elements like massacres of Toa of Magnetism and Toa of Iron? Or the mass-killing of everyone who knew Artakha's location? 

2015-09-10 17:20 UTC–5

trashcan1 wrote:
Hi Greg,

Just wanted to start by saying I think it's really amazing that you're still doing this so long after Gen 1 finished, so thank you for that.

There have been a few things I've been wondering about lately I was hoping you could clarify. I've been out of touch with the community for a bit so I hope these aren't questions you've already answered.

1. Were Vakama's visions intentional from the Great Beings or more like a malfunction?

2. We know that Velika gave the inhabitant of the MU true sapience, but what about Mata Nui? Did he get it from Velika or the Great Beings?

3. Early BIONICLE branding used "in a time before time" a lot. Characters seem to use it to talk about before Mata Nui was awakened, examples being Vakama telling the story of Mata Nui and the Bohrok saying they will return the island to the "before time." To them, does time start with Mata Nui awakening or was this just a branding thing?


2015-09-10 17:28 UTC–5

Hi mr Greg 


The Shadowed One had used his disintegrator beam one time against Teridax but this doesn't disintegrated him the beam had melted a part of Teridax armor. This would mean that the Shadowed One can lower the intensity of his disintegrator beam so that the beam does not disintegrate its target? 


Before that the Great Beings alters the genetics of the Vorox and the Zesk what they looked like? A Glatorian/Agori maybe? 


Why Teridax did not use its power of gravity or magnetism or his telepathic powers against Voporak?

2015-09-11 10:25 UTC–5

CamdenNeely wrote:

CamdenNeely wrote:

1. A couple of sources now have indicated that Teridax was originally envisioned by the BIONICLE story team as a misunderstood or misguided villain, in a capacity similar to the infected Rahi of 2001 or the Bohrok in 2002. When did this change, and why?



This got buried!

Not something I have ever heard. In the original story bible, it is made clear that Makuta is fueled by jealousy of Mata Nui, so he hardly sounds misunderstood. The original plan was the Toa would vanquish him at the end of '01 and Mata Nui would wake up. There was no discussion that I am aware of of redeeming Makuta in the story or making him sympathetic in any way.