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maletoaofwater wrote:

maletoaofwater wrote:

On marrendar - we don't know much about him/it, other than the fact that it was made to hunt toa. We also know that inside the matoran universe, the rahi nui was made to do the same. Can we assume that they had similar powers? (mainly resistance to elemental powers, i suppose).


A quick addendum to my last question about marrendar -  if it's resistant to elemental powers, would it use those powers used against it to grow, just like the rahi nui as well? (in my opinion, it makes sense, since they were created for the same purpose)


thank you!


p.s. I'm an editor on bs01 - hopefully we'll be able to put some sort of age varification system in place so you could still talk to us over there!


1) Yes

2) I am going to say no. Marendar was made in a completely different way than Rahi Nui, so I don't want them to be too similar.

3) I am open to pretty much anything. So far, the one offer I got to answer stuff on another site is still waiting on an okay from the Social Media team here.

2017-02-08 13:40 UTC–5

One question I've always had is what was the process behind writing the Rahi and Dark Hunter guide books. Since each one had a combination of actual canon-characters and fan-made characters, how did you interpret the story-material for each fan-entry into an entry in each book?

2017-02-08 14:21 UTC–5

I have a few more final questions to ask but I have to say, the insight into seeing that Nidhiki and Lariska still had a friendship after his horrifying transformation, makes his demise by Teridax that much more tragic.


1. Considering the Spear of Fusion's resting place in Teridax's Mangaia chamber before it was taken by Vezon, can we presume that Teridax built the Spear of Fusion? Or was it created by Artakha and stolen when Makuta Kojol raided the island when he took the Mask of Light? Curious about its origins.


2. All beings absorbed by a Makuta's shadow hand cannot be revived on the red star correct? Could they be revived if their consciousness took over the mind of the Makuta? Like how Matoro destroyed Teridax's mind in The Kingdom universe?


3. Do all Rahkshi have to have their staffs in hand to use their powers? In The Darkness Below, the silver Rahkshi of Lightning was able to hurl bolts of electricity from its hands at Nokama. Are their exceptions to this rule or can Rahkshi hold their staffs in one hand and fire with an open hand?


4. Is Marendar completely mechanical, bio-mechanical, or organic?


5. A previous question I asked dealt with the Brotherhood not being the only ones involved in the Toa of Iron / Magnetism Purge, such as did they hire Dark Hunters and other assassins to destroy Toa for them? Especially considering Makuta were afraid of such Toa for their abilities, it seems odd they would all directly attack them.


6. Final question: Where are Vezon and The Shadowed One? (My favorite characters you've ever created) considering where you last left them in story.


Thank you Mr. Farshtey. It's going to be tragic not being able to contact you after next month ever again. I hope we all can find a way to keep this going. Your dedication to story is incredible. I miss greatly reading your works online like we all did years ago. It's not going to be the same.

2017-02-08 14:24 UTC–5

Hi! This is so cool! I am a huge Ninjago fan!!!!!! I have bought like 5 Ninjago sets in the past 2 months! Okay, I have a question. First, I know Cole was turned back to human, but he still has a green scar. It has been rumored that the green scar allows him to turn into a ghost at will. Is that true? Please answer soon because it has been wondering about it for a while. If so, awesome!!!!! 

2017-02-08 15:09 UTC–5

My questions seem to have been skipped over, so I'll ask them again, all in one place. I probably won't get another chance, as the message boards change to read-only soon.


1. What was the ratio of Krana to Bohrok? I mean, there was definitely more Krana than Bohrok, but how many more? My guess is 8 krana for every one Bohrok, but that's just a guess.

2. A while ago, I asked about Takanuva's ressurection at the end of Mask of Light. At the time you had no answer and turned to the fans for help, in a manner similar to a 'Marvel No-Prize'. Did we ever get an answer on that?

3.Could a Kanohi Mohtrek send a message into the past by carving words onto their past-self's armor? 

4. During 2006, you used a Jaller prototype as a basis for his in-fiction appearance. Said prototype had two Energized Flame Swords, so my question is, how did it hold both the swords and a Zamor Launcher?

5. On a similar note to question 4, how did the Nuparu prototype you used in 2007 hold his shield, Aqua Blaster Blade, and a Cordak Blaster?

6. What was the purpose of Rahi in the MU? What did they do to help Mata Nui function properly?

2017-02-08 19:21 UTC–5

I heard the message boards were closing, and I wanted to get a few more questions in.


1. Did the Great Beings make the gravity level, flow of time, etc in the Matoran Universe similar to those of Spherus Magna? I'm asking because the MU beings don't seem to have any problems being on the planet.


2. Do the Zesk respect Malum the same way the Vorox do?


3. Speaking of which, is there any hope of the Zesk and Vorox returning to normal?


4. Is Tuma truly the last leader-class Skrall in existence? Or is it possible there are some on Bota Magna?

4b. Could more be born, or do their parents have to be leader-class, too? I feel like this was answered somewhere before...


5. I recall you saying once that the reason Takua was able to become a Toa by simply putting on the Avohkii is because the Avohkii was infused with Toa energy, much like a Toa stone. Any idea who may have done this?


6. The Mana Ko were loyal to the Order of Mata Nui. However, they worked for Teridax and followed his orders. Teridax presumably fitted them with Infected Masks. The Mana Ko recieved the mental training all Order members do. Does this mean that Order members are immune to Infected Masks?


7. You once said Icarax was probably the best Makuta in terms of combat. Would you say that Mutran was one of the worst? He didn't see much action.

7b. Similarly, would you say that Icarax wasn't the best scientist?


8. Once everything is settled on Spherus Magna, do you think there will be any interest of restarting the Archives, or some other museum?


9. Last for now, you once expressed interest in having Ahkmou and Metus meet. What do you think would come of this meeting?



2017-02-09 16:48 UTC–5

I'd just like to say thanks before the boards close - for all the things Greg has done for the fans, but especially this. 900 pages is a huge topic, and Greg has stuck with it even through the "will bionicle be back in 2015" moments.


Greg himself does get some pretty harsh criticism from the fanbase, but without his work, Bionicle would just be another toy line. It wouldn't be a story. It wouldn't have fans after this long, especially fans this dedicated. Bionicle would just be another retired line, that people thought was "kind of cool". But it's not. It's awesome, and it's awesome because the story team wanted to make something great. And Greg obviously shared that vision, or else he wouldn't of done so much for the fanbase.


So thank you, Greg. We don't say it nearly enough.

2017-02-09 17:51 UTC–5

astroavian wrote:

I'd just like to say thanks before the boards close - for all the things Greg has done for the fans, but especially this. 900 pages is a huge topic, and Greg has stuck with it even through the "will bionicle be back in 2015" moments.


Greg himself does get some pretty harsh criticism from the fanbase, but without his work, Bionicle would just be another toy line. It wouldn't be a story. It wouldn't have fans after this long, especially fans this dedicated. Bionicle would just be another retired line, that people thought was "kind of cool". But it's not. It's awesome, and it's awesome because the story team wanted to make something great. And Greg obviously shared that vision, or else he wouldn't of done so much for the fanbase.


So thank you, Greg. We don't say it nearly enough.

Well said, good sir. I think we can all agree that Mr. Farshtey has played an integral role in our lives. He didn't just make a good theme great, he managed to create an entire universe: a universe that captivated thousands of eager young readers like you and I. Our gratitude really can't be voiced enough.

2017-02-09 20:57 UTC–5

Hi Greg,


In Bionicle Ignition #4, Legacy of Evil, when the Piraka have unleashed the Kanohi Dragon onto the city, they march into Turaga Dume's office and he instantly calls them Dark Hunters. Given that they are Skakdi, how did he instantly identify them? Does this mean that those 3 particular Skakdi were already well-known for their roles in the Hunters?

2017-02-10 08:08 UTC–5

Buried, it seems.

Biomeca132 wrote:

Hello Mr. Farshtey,

1) Does Tahu wears the Golden Armor over his Adaptive Armor? In other words, does the GA connects itself over Tahu's AA?

2a) Initially, the Makoki Stone was a tablet. After being passed from one hand to another, cut in six pieces and used by the Rahaga and the Turaga of Mata Nui as keys (for the Avohkii's cache and the entrace to Mangaia), the Makoki Stone could be assembled as a sphere. Do you know which characters have carved the Stone's pieces like that?
My guess would be that the Rahaga had designed the six pieces like simple flat keys, and then the Turaga of Mata Nui would had polished the pieces in order to be able to assemble them in a sphere capable of opening the particular lock of the Kini Nui entrace to Mangaia.

2b) After all it's been through, is there actually some original informations about the Brotherhood of Makuta that remain on the Makoki Stone pieces?

3) During the Karda Nui Saga, the Toa Nuva made a mental link with a Matoran each time the two connected themselves via the Adaptive Armor, resulting in an instant sharing of memories. Since this ability is fairly similar to the Toa capacity of forging a mental link with a being (only shown with Gali and Takua in 2001's and 2008's story), it does make me wonder something.
Does the Adaptive Armor enhance this natural Toa capacity of making a mental link with someone, making it automatic?
It would make sense that AAs are equipped with such a thing: since AAs are conceived to facilitate Toa's job, know all about the situation in which you have to save people in just one mental connection seems to be very helpful.
Moreover, it's exactly what happend when the Av-Matoran Tanma accidentally connected to Lewa's Adaptive Armor: the Toa of Air became aware of all the problems in Karda Nui in one instant.

2017-02-10 09:32 UTC–5

maletoaofwater wrote:

Ignition15 wrote:

I've recently started drawing Bionicles in a much more detailed way than I had been, but I've run into a problem.  I don't know what a Toa's face would look like without a mask on.

So here is my question.  How much of a Bionicle's face is organic and how much is metal?  The books refer to their eyes as 'orbs' unless I'm mistaken.  Oh, and do they have noses?  I know they have lips, because it's mentioned in the books, but I can't remember anything about noses.

If you could give me a description of what a Bionicle face might look like, it would be extremely helpful and I would greatly appreciate it.  I've already had to draw Lariska with a mask on since I didn't know what her face would look like at all.



Thank you for your time.


Not greg, but i'd say take a look at the sets - for one thing, they do have noses. other than that, i'm inclined to say that besides their eyes, their face was totally organic. if you look at the movie, whenever you can see some "face" in the "gaps" in someone's mask, you can see that it's organic material under there. Where was it mentioned in the books that they have lips? For non-mask wearing species, I'd say they have a pretty good amount of mechanics on their face: look at the piraka, roodaka, sidorak, etc.


I imagine it like this: a matoran/toa/turaga's mask takes the place of the mechanical parts on their face, and that's part of the reason that they have to wear them all the time.

Since I was about to draw Lariska, I read the part in Time Trap that she appears in and at one point it says "A dark smile crept onto her lips".  

Over the past few days, I've looked at how other people have drawn Bionicle faces and there seem to be many ways people do it.  Maybe I can just do it however I want, but it is helpful to know whether they have noses.

Thanks for the answer.

2017-02-10 11:24 UTC–5

Hi Greg,


Thank you for answer my questions in the past and before the LMBs close I have just one more.


So the Kraata/Makuta power of Infection, is that just slathering some Antidermis on an object? Or rather, is Antidermis being used to infect things?


I ask because the Infected Kanohi and Kohlii Balls hold very similar properties to that of the Antidermis filled Zamor Spheres that the Piraka used on the Voya Nui Matoran. Infected masks allowed Makuta to control Matoran and Toa while the Antidermis infected Matoran were highly susceptible to suggestion, allowing the Piraka to control them. And the infected Kohlii Balls when they made the Matoran sick, it reminded me of the Antidermis infected Matoran which oftened moaned a lot in various media.

2017-02-10 13:07 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

TeShadowedOne1 wrote:



1. When did the Toa of Iron and Magnetism Purge by the Brotherhood of Makuta take place? Was it before or after the Great Cataclysm or after Norik's Toa Hagah rebellion?


Thank you.


1) It was after the Great Cataclysm.


Not exactly: here's a quotation from one of the OGD's Q/A (if you didn't know, some fans made a .txt archive of it since a few years).

Xander004, July 14 2010, 12:29 PM
[quote][quote]Roughly when did the Toa of Iron genocide begin by the BoM?[/quote]

Covertly, not long before the events of LOMN; overtly, after the events of LOMN. [/quote]

2017-02-10 20:04 UTC–5

Hello Mr. Farshtey, first off, let me thank you for making my childhood completely and utterly amazing.
Bionicle helped me through rough, rough times, and I'm not sure I would've made it through otherwise.
With that out of the way, I wanted to ask a few questions.

1. What would a Toa of the Sun's color scheme be?

2. What is the color scheme of Toa of Plasma

3. What is the status of Jaller's Hannah crab? Did they ever get reunited?

2017-02-11 09:38 UTC–5

Wow, it's been YEARS since I've used my LEGO Account. But I figured since the forums are shutting down, I should pop on to say that I've been a big fan of yours and your work on BIONICLE. It was one of those things that was timeless to me, and growing up with it and the amazing story meant a lot. I know you'll probably appear again on something like the TTV forums, but I wanted to say here that you made such a positive impact on my life with your work, so thank you.


If I might ask a few questions:
1. I heard you finished the Powers That Be at some point; how might would we be able to see the end of that story? Could you post it on a forum or BioSector01?

2. Is Miserex the only surviving Makuta, or is it possible that any others found away to elude Teridax?

3. Have the Barraki continued their alliance with the Shadowed One on Spherus Magna?

4. What has Malum been up to all this time? Just chilling with the Vorox as he watches everything go down?

And finally:
5. Is there a character you wish you wrote more of during your time with BIONICLE?


Thank you so much for all your time and effort into the world of BIONICLE and this forum!