2017-02-24 09:38 UTC–5

RocketRacer7235 wrote:

Good Greg of Bionicle, would you settle something for me?
Someone I know is arguing over the technicalities of Venom Flyer rhotuka - What counts as 'flying' to them? Do they disable the flight of anything that is in the air, or does something that falls slowly like a parachute or glider sneak past it?

On a different note, will you be continuing to answer questions elsewhere, or is this the end of your constant stream of answers?

1) A glider would be considered an object in flight. Someone using a parachute would not be, that is not flying, it's just falling slowly.

2) I have had a few people make offers on this, but LEGO has not given me an okay to do this anywhere else as yet. I can only post on outside sites that have a valid age verification system in place.

2017-02-24 09:42 UTC–5

MooCowsRock wrote:

Mr. Farshtey:


Why does Vakama have visions of the future? Is there a particular reason? Does he still have them as a Turaga?

Not something we ever explained. It was something the original story team put in place and they never explained the whys and wherefores of it.

2017-02-24 09:45 UTC–5

PointlessQuestions wrote:

Youv'e confirmed that Artakha created the Nuva Symbols upon the Toa Mata's transformation. Why did he do that? The Nuva Symbols provide a very serious weakness to the Toa Nuva, one which the Bohrok-Kal exploited. That seems like a serious design flaw - unless it was intentional. So, I have a few questions/theories that I hope you might weigh in on.


1. Did Artakha create the Nuva Symbols as a way to handicap the Toa Nuva in case they were not worthy of their new powers? This would explain why they have such a crippling weakness. It could also explain why they are tied to the villages; the Toa Nuva must remain on good terms with the Matoran or else lose their powers. Whether or not this is so...


2. Has Artakha removed the Toa Nuva's connection to the Nuva Symbols, allowing them to access their powers independently? This seems like it would be a smart idea, especially considering Teridax's reign: if Teridax had been able to move the Nuva Symbols, the Toa Nuva would have lost all their powers. They didn't, so obviously either the Nuva Symbols were kept safe and secure, or they no longer required them. (In short: do the Toa Nuva still require their Nuva Symbols to be in the possession of allies in order to access their elemental powers?)


Thank you!

The original idea was that they would be the key to unlocking the Bahrag in the event they were trapped or hindered in some way. Yes, their loss causes potential problems, but so would stealing a Toa's Kanohi. Anything powerful has the potential to be taken and either used against you or hurt you by virtue of your no longer having access. I don't think you need to look for some deep, dark motivation here.

2017-02-24 09:46 UTC–5

mrcqm wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

srlojohn wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

srlojohn wrote:

Dear Mr. Fharstey


1: does Mimic ever find his friend?


P.S. This can be thousands of years if you want I just want to know if he ever finds her. "Destroyed" or otherwise

Unknown. Story is frozen where we left it.

I mean If it wasn't frozen. 

P.S. did you have ever have plans for him to find her?

I assume he would find her eventually, but I didn't have plans to do a story about it since Mimic was a very minor character.

Are you confirming that Mimic finding his friend was an eventuality then?

I'm saying it most likely would have happened, but probably never would have been shown in story (had the story continued).

2017-02-24 09:47 UTC–5

druzyna wrote:
Hi Greg!
I'm really curious about this.
1. Can Matoran Kaita or Matoran Nui change into Toa Kaita or completely new being: Toa Nui with 3/6 Toa Stones or it needs something different and more powerful like for example Nui Stone.

No. You cannot create a Toa Kaita that way.

2017-02-24 09:49 UTC–5

TeridaxXD001 wrote:

Buried again, I hope there's still time:


I heard the message boards were closing, and I wanted to get a few more questions in.


1. Did the Great Beings make the gravity level, flow of time, etc in the Matoran Universe similar to those of Spherus Magna? I'm asking because the MU beings don't seem to have any problems being on the planet.


2. Do the Zesk respect Malum the same way the Vorox do?


3. Speaking of which, is there any hope of the Zesk and Vorox returning to normal?


4. Is Tuma truly the last leader-class Skrall in existence? Or is it possible there are some on Bota Magna?

4b. Could more be born, or do their parents have to be leader-class, too? I feel like this was answered somewhere before...





1) No, because they had no plans for the MU beings to be active on Spherus Magna.

2) Why wouldn't they?

3) There's always hope.

4) Yes, he is the last

2017-02-24 09:53 UTC–5

TeridaxXD001 wrote:

Buried again, I hope there's still time:


I heard the message boards were closing, and I wanted to get a few more questions in.



5. I recall you saying once that the reason Takua was able to become a Toa by simply putting on the Avohkii is because the Avohkii was infused with Toa energy, much like a Toa stone. Any idea who may have done this?


6. The Mana Ko were loyal to the Order of Mata Nui. However, they worked for Teridax and followed his orders. Teridax presumably fitted them with Infected Masks. The Mana Ko recieved the mental training all Order members do. Does this mean that Order members are immune to Infected Masks?


7. You once said Icarax was probably the best Makuta in terms of combat. Would you say that Mutran was one of the worst? He didn't see much action.

7b. Similarly, would you say that Icarax wasn't the best scientist?


8. Once everything is settled on Spherus Magna, do you think there will be any interest of restarting the Archives, or some other museum?


9. You once expressed interest in having Ahkmou and Metus meet. What do you think would come of this meeting?


10. If a Makuta dies while still connected to a being wearing an Infected Mask, what would happen? Would the mask become tied to another Makuta, or would it become usless?


11. How was Teridax able to rip apart the Toa Kaita? And make Shadow Toa?



5) Nope. I was coming up with a story reason for a plot point in a movie I did not write, but it's not something I have background on. It was my best guess.

6) Did the Mana Ko model include infected masks? If not, he wasn't using infected masks to control them.

7) I don't see the two as mutually exclusive.

8) Don't know. I can't see Glatorian/Agori caring about something like this.

9) I don't know, that's why I wanted it to happen

10) Useless, until and unless another Makuta decided to wield influence

11) Makuta understands the inner workings of this universe. That gives him a lot of power.

2017-02-24 09:55 UTC–5

TeShadowedOne1 wrote:

Thank you for canonizing that the Spear of Fusion was created by Artakha. Its origins haven't been questioned for a long time. However a few more questions remain that I'd love to see answered.


1. Considering that Artakha made the Spear of Fusion on the island of Artakha, there still remains how it got off. Was it -


1a. Sold to the Brotherhood of Makuta before Kojol's raid when Artakha didn't consider or need to have his island a secret and relations were still good with the Brotherhood.


1b. Sold to the Dark Hunters because it's first known use was the fusion of two Toa to create the Dark Hunter known as Prototype.


1c. Stolen by Makuta Kojol during his raid on Artakha's fortress when he took the Mask of Light.


2. Also curious how it ended up in Teridax's armory in his Mangaia chamber on Mata Nui. It seemed that the Dark Hunters used it for a while before it ended up in the hands of the Brotherhood. Did it switch sides often before the Piraka found it?


3. Considering the fact the Spear was burned to ashes by Jaller during the Toa Inika's confrontation with Vezon, the Spear of Fusion was not made of Protosteel correct?


4. The Spear of Fusion seemed to have varying effects with its usage. When Hakann used it on Vezok, it created an entire new being in Vezon. When Vezon used it in the Mask of Life chamber on a bird, it split the creature into two birds with one wing which died. Could these effects be controlled by the user? Or was its fusion or splitting powers random?





2) The DH were working for the Brotherhood for a long time. So the BOM could use whatever of their stuff it wanted.

3) Correct

4) Random

2017-02-24 12:58 UTC–5

4. Is Tuma truly the last leader-class Skrall in existence? Or is it possible there are some on Bota Magna?
4b. Could more be born, or do their parents have to be leader-class, too? I feel like this was answered somewhere before...

4) Yes, he is the last

Wait, didn't you say that there might have been more who survived on Bota Magna? Have you changed your mind, or was that just a mistake?
2017-02-24 16:12 UTC–5

Hello again,


1) Does the Miru Nuva still benefit Lewa, even when he can naturally fly as a Phantoka via his adaptive armour? 

2) Would the Mask of Light, which can reconcile enemies by giving them understanding, work on Teridax or other particularly cunning villians (like Roodaka or Zaktan)? 

3) Who is your second-favorite BIONICLE villain?


Thanks again for the writing, and for answering our questions for so long! 

2017-02-24 16:58 UTC–5

Greg Farshtey, I'm getting a Order of Mata Nui including:


-Brutaka, Olmak, Great Mask of Dimensional Gates (first Kanohi Mask), Great Mask of Fusion (second Kanohi Mask), Rotating Blades, Daggers.


For BIONICLEsector01.

2017-02-24 17:45 UTC–5

Hello Greg! I have a couple of questions:

1. Why Order of MN had to send Takanuva to Karda Nui? I mean, why they did not tell Toa Nuva about the energy storm before Toa Nuva got in Karda Nui? Did they simply forget?
2. Why Toa Metru/Turaga and Matoran left Metru Nui after the Great Cataclysm only to return 1,000 years later?

2017-02-24 17:57 UTC–5

These may be the last questions I ever get to ask you, Greg...


1. I recently asked you if the Archives or something in that vein may be restarted on Spherus Magna, and you said you can't imagine the Agori/Glatorian caring about the concept. But it's obvious the MU beings do, since they're helping Rahi evacuate the robot. Wouldn't some kind of zoo or animal sanctuary be a good idea?


2. Did individuals ever intermarry between Agori tribes? If so, how sommon would this have been?


3. This is purely hypothetical: if Irnakk did exist, would Matoran classify it as a Rahi?


4. Mata Nui used his camouflaging system every time he observed a planet, and it needed to be cleared each time. Were the Bohrok deployed each time this happened? If so, why did the Bohrok in Metru Nui stay dormant?


5. I heard there's a written, but unpublished chapter of The Powers That Be. Is this true?


6. You said that when a being is resurrected on the Red Star, their minds are pretty scrambled, but Mavrah seemed to be in good mental condition. Is this simply because he's had a thousand years to get it back together?


7. There are no Great Beings from the Rock Tribe, but are there any from the Iron Tribe?


8. Two Glatorian piloted Mata Nui into space and became stranded in his head. How long did they survive? Their level of decomposition wasn't mentioned.


9 Could Teridax have used the Kraahkan or his Rahkshi powers to separate the Toa Kaita?


10. Finally, what is the difference between a Makuta's Elemental Shadow power and the Rahkshi power of Darkness? Is Darkness just literally the absence of light, and Shadow can be used as a weapon?


Thanks. I really appreciate you being so involved with the fan community over the last 15 or so years and I hate to see it end.

2017-02-24 18:17 UTC–5

Greg Farshtey, I'm getting many Matoran in Metru Nui from Toa Metru Mini Promo CDs, including:


-Marka, Hau, Mask of Shielding, Disk Launcher, Disk Surfer


-Makani, Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis, Disk Launcher, Various


-Taiki (Metru Nui form), Mahiki, Mask of Illusion, Disk Launcher, Disk Surfer, Taiki (Mata Nui form), Huna, Mask of Concealment, Various


-Ihu, Kaukau, Mask of Water Breathing, Disk Launcher, Scholar


-Lumi, Hau, Mask of Shielding, Disk Launcher


-Matoro, Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision, Disk Launcher, Rahi Saleman, Scholar


For BIONICLEsector01,

2017-02-24 18:25 UTC–5

Greg Farshtey, I'm getting many Kanohi masks including:


-Pamatae, Mask of Clairvoyance


-Sakron, Mask of Emulation


-Krodan, Mask of Growth


-Zilor, Mask of Rahi Control


-Nihanga, Mask of Charisma


-Tepan, Mask of Psychometry


-Taea, Mask of Possibilities


-Pungao, Mask of Elemental Energy


-Iraketanga, Mask of Mutation


-Tikanka, Mask of Sensory Aptitude


-Rapah, Mask of Elasticity


-Halehki, Mask of Healing


-Taputu, Mask of Mechanics


-Mask of Multiple Furious Horns


-Mask of Blazing


-Mask of Inferno


-Mask of Technologies


-Mask of Climbing Vision


-Mask of Undersea Diving


-Mask of Dashing


-Mask of Air Breathing


-Mask of Fighting


Was created by Artakha (Being), for BIONICLEsector01.