2014-10-03 13:43 UTC–5

 1) Do you have any plans of continuing the original Bionicle storyline via online posts like this thread, just to take care of loose ends like the future of Velika's plans and those involved in them, old inhabitants of the Skrall village before it was overtaken by Skrall, the Marendar, Red Star, etc?
2) I've read that the original demise planned for Makuta was having his chest torn open. How is this not more violent than having his head caved in by a big piece of rock, which has more likely than not killed many of those still in Metru Nui?
3) An interesting piece of trivia I've seen is that there was supposed to be a mini-comic detailing Dume's escape from the pod, but it was scrapped. Do you, by any chance, know what was actually planned for his escape?
4) MNOG II mentions two entities named Papu and Rangi, and there is speculation that they are a nod to the Polynesian gods. Who exactly were they in the Matoran Universe?
5) What are your thoughts on the appearances of the 2015-generation Toa? What would you change, if given the chance?
6) Are there any plans for releasing the Mask of Creation as a part of a set - or, for that matter, releasing its official Kanohi name? (I apologize if I'm intruding into "dangerous territory" by asking this.)
Thanks you for answering the questions of us hardcore fans so far!

1) I intend to keep answering questions about original BIONICLE here, but I have not been asked to write actual story based on that, and I cannot do it unless LEGO asks me to.

2) Where did we say it was not more violent?


3) No, that was too long ago, I don't recall


4) I had nothing to do with the online  games, so I can't answer this.


5) I work for LEGO Company, so asking for my personal opinion on sets (on the rare occasion I have one) doesn't make much sense. My job is to promote set sales.


6) I can't discuss future set plans

2014-10-03 13:44 UTC–5

2sons4now wrote:

Mr. Farshtey, how many Bionicle sets will you release in 2015? And also, how many series will there be?

P.S. I've got a cool idea for you for Bionicle! A robotic thingamagijig with guns for arms and fire for a heart!NerdLight bulb

I can't discuss anything about BIONICLE 2015  until that information has been officially released by the BIONICLE team.

2014-10-03 13:44 UTC–5

xeara wrote:

ScribeGF wrote:

*cut for character space*

1) I've already answered this

2) Yes

4) You are making a false assumption. BIONICLE 2015 is targeted at the same people original BIONICLE was aimed at -- boys, ages 8-11. The intent is attract a new fanbase to the line. If we only aim at people in their late teens/early 20s, it is doubtful we would sell enough sets to make the line profitable.

Wha... did you get a new account, Mr. Farshtey?

No, I did not

2014-10-03 13:45 UTC–5

natth4545 wrote:
Do you like the older looking bionicles or the newer ones?

Not sure what you mean. Are you asking me to compare 2001-2010 BIONICLE to 2015 BIONICLE?

2014-10-03 13:46 UTC–5

natth4545 wrote:
Have you written for anything LEGO besides bionicle?

Yes. I have written the LEGO Club Magazine for 14 years now. I also wrote books for Ninjago, Hero Factory, Exo-Force, Chima and LEGO City.

2014-10-03 13:49 UTC–5


1. see the post pertaining to Avatar... the fluids would still be inside them, although i suppose removing them would be a nifty way to "eliminate" an opponent, if for whatever reason a water toa decided to do that!

2. so...

3. fair enough, although what was the deal with the lava monster? wishing for your speedy recovery.


1) I have no familiarity with Avatar at all, so citing that really doesn't help me much. I just really don't see this as something LEGO would allow, as I said.

3) I really don't recall, all of that stuff was written nine years ago now.

1. it would be exactly like you had zaria do in "the yesterday quest" with the metal body parts, except the water toa would instead be grabbing hold of the water inside the cells of their organic components, instead of the mechanical components. (btw Avatar is a great series... if you ever have time, you won't regret watching it. (it would be fun for your daughter as well.))

2. does that make sense for how ice toa make their environment cold without controlling something that isn't their element (heat/air)?

3. fair enough

4. (new question) What do you think of the potential success/failure of the new bionicle line, considering most of the fans are in their late teens/early twenties by now?

1) Already asked and answered.

2) Yes

4) Why are you assuming that the new line is aimed at guys in their late teens and 20s? It's aimed at the same target group it always was -- boys aged 8-11. Most of the old fan base are in college  now or getting ready to go, and probably aren't going to have a lot of extra money to buy sets (a lot of the old fan base had stopped buying sets by 2009, for that matter).

2014-10-03 15:21 UTC–5
Greg, will anybody on the Bionicle team be at NYCC to announce the plot and setThinking?
2014-10-03 15:51 UTC–5

In 2001 the 'quest for the masks' was central, but in later years almost all Toa only had one mask and didn't bother getting others. Was there any particular reason for this?


Why did Pohatu get such a poor showing in MOL? The others all get to use their elemental powers but he only gets to throw his claws a couple of times. He doesn't even use his mask of speed when running, which leads to him getting blasted by Turahk.

2014-10-03 19:37 UTC–5

Was that ScribeGF account a fake? It didn't say official.

2014-10-03 20:16 UTC–5

Greg, can you please answer these questions?


1a) What was Velika doing during Teridax's reign, and what would he have done if Teridax targeted him for elimination?


1b) Also, was Velika aware of Teridax's "Plan" all along?


1c) The answer to this is probably obvious, but was Velika concerned about Teridax threatening to conquer/destroy SM?


2) Who's stronger, Toa or Skrall? We know that both of them are physically stronger then Glatorian.


3) If it's okay with you, can you finally reveal what the brains of MU inhabiiants are made of? 


4) Does the new story bible go into detail about the anatomies of the characters? I always enjoyed the biomechanical aspect of the old Bionicle storyline because it gave it a sci-fi feel.

2014-10-03 20:21 UTC–5

Hey Greg, how involved were you with the writing of the new story bible? Also, how dark or light is the tone of the new story compared to the old story?

2014-10-03 23:43 UTC–5

Hello, Mr. Farshtey. I must ask a certai questions, in regards to Biosector01.


Most people are believing the new BIONICLE will be a reboot, since it seems to be pointed at a new generation. So what should we do about stuff on Biosector01 if the new BIONICLE is a reboot? Would we make seperate articles, or would a new wiki altogether be nessecary to account to the information on the BIONICLE reboot wiki?


Thanks for answering!


2014-10-04 01:51 UTC–5

I am a jr. In high scholl and i plan to get every single thing bionicle related coming in 2015 and beyond, i think a lot of old fans aregoing to get, or at least they are saying that on things such as forums. 

2014-10-04 02:02 UTC–5

Is there a chance all those leaks were released on purpose to build up hype? 

If so it was a great marketing plan(in my opinion), alot of people seen the sets and loved them.


2014-10-04 10:15 UTC–5

diglett809 wrote:
Greg, will anybody on the Bionicle team be at NYCC to announce the plot and setThinking?

I don't know the guest list, but I know there will be a big focus on BIONICLE