2014-10-31 12:47 UTC–5

bubbameister10 wrote:

Dear Greg, in ttv podcast 119, they had seen my earlier comment, you proably don't remember it, but they said in 59:55 of the podcast my question and how they would want to interview you. Just throwing that out there. Thanks and reply if you can.


Yes, they contacted me but I have not had time to write back yet. I am undecided. With new BIONICLE on the way, I feel like I am somewhat "old news" and they might be better served talking to someone from the new story team.

2014-10-31 14:16 UTC–5

WhiteAlligator wrote:

Hi everyone -


Are you sitting down? Surprised If not, grab a chair! We don't want anyone falling over when we tell you ...


The one, the only Greg Farshtey wants to chat with you! Party


That's right, the storytelling mind behind BIONICLE and Ninjago is here on the LMBs to answer your questions.


Please post your questions now! Greg will be visiting this topic to respond to you personally. Happy





While participating in this topic please remember to ...


1. Stay on topic! Nerd No spamming. No side conversations.

2. Be patient! Wink Greg will answer your questions as quickly as he can.

3. Have fun! Laughing This is an awesome opportunity! Enjoy!!

...............No way.............DisappointedDisappointed.........



Awesome JokingJoking



Hi Greg Farshtey!! HappyHappy I <3 reading your NINJAGO graphic novels!! I am a big fan NerdJoking.


Lets see, Who's your favorite Ninja and Why? Thinking



2014-10-31 15:19 UTC–5

Hey Greg:


1) Can we establish an upper limit for the lifespans of the Matoran Universe inhabitants? I was thinking that they could live up to ~600,000 years. What do you think?


2) I understand that the exact strength of a Toa has been kept vague, for the sake of allowing it to adhere to the story's needs. However, can you establish a rough strength range for the Toa as a whole (for example, between 1 to 5 tons)?


3) How will the Vortixx, Skakdi, and Steltians fit into the new society on Spherus Magna? Will they be segregated or face other restrictions due to their bad reputations, or will all species be granted equal rights?


4) Do the matoran use a date system similar to ours, with times of the day (i.e. four o'clock), named days of the week, named months of the year, etc.


5) Are the fifty-odd remaining Toa on Spherus Magna going to band together into one large team? It seems like a good idea, since the matoran aren't going to be spreading out over the entire planet any time soon.


6) Am I allowed to give you some theories on MU anatomy?

2014-10-31 16:49 UTC–5

This got buried.


Thanks for answering my earlier post! Sorry to bother you, but I have a few more questions.

1. What happened to Lesovikk? Did Velika defeat him, or he is still missing?

2. What's gonna happen when Miserix and the Alternate Teridax meet?

3. You've said before that the Matoran didn't have hospitals. Did they simply not have the technology, or was the Red Star's purpose somehow ingrained into their programming without them knowing it?

4. Was all of the fluid from the Makuta pool used on Brutaka?

5. And what was it? After absorbing it, Brutaka gained massive knowledge. Where was that from?

6. What is Tuma going to do with himself? Will he join the Dark Hunters, Miserix, or the Barraki's armies? Or is he done fighting?

7. How did Metus return to his normal form?

8. What happened to Malum? He didn't seem to have had much of a presence during the Glatorian/Skrall war, and I can't find anything referring to him during Mata Nui and Teridax's final confrontation.

9. Why wasn't Karzahni (the despot) not teleported to the Red Star?

10. In your own personal opinion, which is stronger, protosteel or adamantium? I just personally love the idea of Wolverine and Ehlek duking it out.


Thanks in advance!

2014-10-31 19:14 UTC–5
He is the writer of the bionicle stories
2014-11-01 01:04 UTC–5

How mad or panicked were you when people started asking about BIONICLE 2015?

2014-11-01 04:35 UTC–5

Herofan1357 wrote:

 First of all, I must say that it is absolutely incredible to be able to talk to you, Greg! Smile


 So, I don't know if this was asked before, but do you have an idea of how long Teridax's reign lasted? I'm writing a story that is set during this time, so this information is quite important. Also, are ghosts possible in the Matoran universe? For example, can something happen during the teleportation process of a deceased being causing it to not be completely teleported and instead remain partially trapped inside the Great Spirit Robot ( sorry if this doesn't make sense)?


 Thank you in advance.


2014-11-01 05:25 UTC–5
2014-11-01 08:32 UTC–5

Kar0l wrote:

Hi Mr. Farshtey, I have a few questions about "Kingdom of the Snakes" graphic novel (all these questions are referring to beings and events from alternate universe):
1. Is "Kingdom of the Snakes" a name of this alternate universe?
2. What happened to Lloyd? (Only thing we know about him is that he unleashed Serpentine.)
3. Did Lloyd opened all five Serpentine Tombs or only three like in prime universe?
4. What is Pythor's role? Is he a Snake King like in prime universe, one of Serpentine generals or only a soldier? Because Bytar mentioned him, but he didn't specify who is Pythor in this universe.
5. Who rule the Serpentine? Five generals (one from each tribe) or Pythor as Snake King?
6. How was Great Devourer awaked?
7. In TV show portal created by Golden Weapons teleport Garmadon to seperate "dimension of darkness" where dark magic grant him a power to wield four Golden Weapons (and two additional arms), and later he returned to Ninjago. Did alternate Garmadon escape from Underworld in the same way? Because its very similar - both use Golden Weapons, have four arms and can use all four Golden Weapons.
8. Shortly before Jay saw Constrictai City he say, that he probably isn't too far from Kai's village. Was Constrictai City Kai's old village?

And one hypothetical question about BIONICLE: Can Skakdi Fusion hypnotize someone and let him/her dream about revival of someone?

I think these questions got lost.

2014-11-01 08:40 UTC–5

Thanks for the tip, Alienduck!

Thormmen wrote:

Hi Greg, this post got buried again:

Thormmen wrote:

Hi Greg, [..]:

Thormmen wrote:
Hi Greg,

There's another discussion BZP, this time about the Nui Stone and how it can't turn a Toa into a Turaga. You were asked earlier whether a Toa who was drained of all his/her Toa Energy by the Nui Stone would turn into a Turaga. You said no, since a Toa first has to fulfill his/her destiny and also has to CHOOSE to give up his/her Toa Energy, instead of having it forcefully taken from him/her. We were wondering how that works out with Toa who have already completed their destiny. If a Toa who already completed his/her destiny were to be locked up for a long period of time in the vicinity of an activated Nui Stone, long enough for the Nui Stone to completely drain the Toa of Toa Energy, what would happen? We saw these possibilities:

1) The Toa would be left with zero Toa Energy but remain a Toa. Since he/she never gave up any of his/her Toa Energy willingly, and will never be able to do so again because he/she is "empty", he/she will never be able to turn into a Turaga.
2) The Toa would be left with a miniscule amount of Toa Energy, some tiny last bit that even the Nui Stone couldn't drain. The Toa could later give this bit of Toa Energy up to become a Turaga.
3) The Toa would be left with zero Toa Energy and remain a Toa, but the Toa could still mentally develop further and come to a point in his/her life where he/she would say "If I would have had the choice, I would have given up my Toa Energy now. It was drained before I was ready to become a Turaga, but now I am ready to become a Turaga." and this change of the Toa's mental state and attitude towards life could trigger his/her transformation into a Turaga.
4) The Toa would be left with zero Toa Energy and turn into a Turaga. This however contradicts what you said earlier about Toa having to CHOOSE to give up their Toa Energy.

Which, if any, of these options is the correct one?

Many thanks!


2014-11-01 10:48 UTC–5

"According to legends", yeah, in trivia. If you read at the history it says *A mask of incredible power, the Kanohi Kraahkan was crafted from Protosteel in Artahka.", and now if it was crafted in Artahka there is a high chance of it being the being Artahka who crafted it, as well as the Avohkii.

2014-11-01 11:18 UTC–5
2014-11-01 12:55 UTC–5

Are there any new comics planned for 2015 Anacondrai stuff?

2014-11-01 13:21 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
Hi Daler - I am not aware, at this point, of any plans to revive BIONICLE. But like you, I loved it, so I hope it will come back some day.

They have a sneak peek website up. Did you not know about it? Are you not writing the new stories? Please tell me you're writing them.Disappointed

2014-11-01 13:42 UTC–5

Duksh wrote:

Are there any new comics planned for 2015 Anacondrai stuff?

I can't discuss 2015.