2014-10-25 21:07 UTC–5

Don't put words in his mouth. Greg Farshtey is a LEGO employee, so his stated opinion of the new line is not really up for discussion.

2014-10-26 07:15 UTC–5

The comet from Comet Crisis, that also appears in tv series, how is it called? Does it even have a name?

2014-10-26 07:16 UTC–5

The comet from Comet Crisis, that also appears in tv series, how is it called? Does it even have a name???

2014-10-26 08:32 UTC–5

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

voporak1 wrote:

voporak1 wrote:
I mr Greg

1. How velika will do for accept the Toa mata to join him? Is that velika will succeed to convincing the matas
Like tuyet in the empire of Toa?

2. From which metal is made the great spirit robot? Protosteel?
Or exsidian?

3. What is the most solid between the protosteel and the exsidian
The metal that the GB have used to contain the EP.

4. When you said that the GB are the ultimate scientists what are the thing that would be possible and
Impossible for the GB? Is that the GB could mastered the interstellar flight and spaciotemporal? Would
Be possible for the GB to accelerate the evolution of the other species?

 Can you answer to my question please. Thank you 

1) Velika believes he is offering a future filled with peace and order, and since the Toa are supposed to be preserving both, he believes they will ultimately side with him if his victory looks inevitable.

2) An alloy made from both

3) I don't understand your question

4) No. We know that they do not have interstellar capabilities, because Mata Nui did not, nor is there any time travel in BIONICLE.





3. I wanted to know if the exsidian was most solid than the protosteel or not. sorry if i poorly explained.


4.okay is that the GB have the technology to travel through the wormhole or do a interplanetery travel? And i wonder if

  the GB can accelerate the evolution of other specie.

2014-10-26 10:52 UTC–5
  1. There was a Mask of Gravity seen in the story. Is it possible that there are masks for every element?
  2. In addition, you said that it was possible for there to be masks of Weakness, Freezing, Remove Poison, and Increase Weight (disk types listed but never seen as mask types). As we now know that the Jultin is actually the Mask of Weakness, is it safe to say that there are masks of those disk types? If so, would it be safe to say that the Mask of Freezing freezes matter, the mask of Removing Poison cures illness and poisons, and the Mask of Increase Weight has the ability to increase the weight of targets?
  3. "Levitation Disks" have been mentioned, along with "Increase Speed Disks" which co-responds to the Mask of Levitation and Speed. However, the Miru was made from Teleport and Weaken disks, while the Kakama is made of Teleport and RaR disks. Would it make sense for disks that fuse with each other to have the effect of the Mask they would make?
  4. Naho was known to meet her demise on a mission to shut off the flood gates at the hands of Eliminator. It's known that a Kakama was found around the are she would be. Is it safe to say that Naho wore a Kakama?
2014-10-26 11:05 UTC–5

Duksh wrote:

The comet from Comet Crisis, that also appears in tv series, how is it called? Does it even have a name???

To my knowledge, it does not have a name.

2014-10-26 11:06 UTC–5

STARROCKS923 wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

HeroraNui wrote:

So would that be why Atakus has those mysterious blades that "glow with an unearthly light"? I must say I highly approve Thumbs up


Was that planned from the start with Atakus in the 2009 story bible?

No. The whole Velika thing was my idea, it wasn't part of the story bible.

2014-10-26 11:09 UTC–5

timmyh198 wrote:

ScribeGT6817 wrote:

natth4545 wrote:

How do you feel about not writing the new bionicle? 


What do you think about the new story?

What I think about the new story doesn't matter -- what matters is what YOU think of it. You are part of the intended audience for it, I'm not.

Sooooo...you don't like it...

I said nothing of the kind. If you asked me about ANY story LEGO has done, including stories I have written, you would get the same answer. I am not the audience for these stories -- you guys are. The BIONICLE story is aimed at boys 8-11 -- I am 49 -- so I am not the audience that has to be pleased by this.

2014-10-26 11:10 UTC–5

HahliGirl772 wrote:

I have a couple questions for you.  

1.  Is BIONICLE your favorite LEGO theme?

2.  Are you going to be writing more books for BIONICLE now that they brought it back?


Thanks!  This is really groovy that you're doing this. JokingHappy

1) It's one of them. Story-wise it is. Set-wise, I also like Super Heroes and Monster Fighters and a lot of other lines.

2) No. The BIONICLE team decided to go in another direction with the books this time.

2014-10-26 11:26 UTC–5

Thormmen wrote:

Hi Greg, this post got buried again:

Thormmen wrote:

Hi Greg, [..]:

Thormmen wrote:
Hi Greg,

There's another discussion BZP, this time about the Nui Stone and how it can't turn a Toa into a Turaga. You were asked earlier whether a Toa who was drained of all his/her Toa Energy by the Nui Stone would turn into a Turaga. You said no, since a Toa first has to fulfill his/her destiny and also has to CHOOSE to give up his/her Toa Energy, instead of having it forcefully taken from him/her. We were wondering how that works out with Toa who have already completed their destiny. If a Toa who already completed his/her destiny were to be locked up for a long period of time in the vicinity of an activated Nui Stone, long enough for the Nui Stone to completely drain the Toa of Toa Energy, what would happen? We saw these possibilities:

1) The Toa would be left with zero Toa Energy but remain a Toa. Since he/she never gave up any of his/her Toa Energy willingly, and will never be able to do so again because he/she is "empty", he/she will never be able to turn into a Turaga.
2) The Toa would be left with a miniscule amount of Toa Energy, some tiny last bit that even the Nui Stone couldn't drain. The Toa could later give this bit of Toa Energy up to become a Turaga.
3) The Toa would be left with zero Toa Energy and remain a Toa, but the Toa could still mentally develop further and come to a point in his/her life where he/she would say "If I would have had the choice, I would have given up my Toa Energy now. It was drained before I was ready to become a Turaga, but now I am ready to become a Turaga." and this change of the Toa's mental state and attitude towards life could trigger his/her transformation into a Turaga.
4) The Toa would be left with zero Toa Energy and turn into a Turaga. This however contradicts what you said earlier about Toa having to CHOOSE to give up their Toa Energy.

Which, if any, of these options is the correct one?

Many thanks!

2014-10-26 11:55 UTC–5

Hi Greg!

You asked for some more viewpoints on the proposal about the true nature of protodermis. So here is my personal opinion on that matter (and I'm actually surprised that only a few people have posted their opinion so far...):

I really like the idea that protodermis is a stabilized form of energized protodermis. I've always been wondering about the connection between energized protodermis and "normal" protodermis (they seem to be so different, but they even share their name, after all!), and this would finally be a good explanation.

As for protodermis being "programmable matter"... I'm rather indifferent on that. I've talked to a few people in the German fan community who seemed to love the idea, though.
At least, those two ideas don't exactly contradict each other, so I guess you could easily canonize both of them, if you wanted.

2014-10-26 15:21 UTC–5

Errm... Greg, I believe it was said before that Atakus' blades were found in what was believed to be a baterra weapons cache... So I don't see how Velika could have given it to him, unless Velika led him to the area.

2014-10-26 18:40 UTC–5

Boidoh wrote:

Errm... Greg, I believe it was said before that Atakus' blades were found in what was believed to be a baterra weapons cache... So I don't see how Velika could have given it to him, unless Velika led him to the area.

Perhaps Velika gave him a Baterra weapons cache as payment. Or maybe that was Atakus' excuse when questioned about his blades. Remember, there are many liars under the Solis Magna sun. Joking

2014-10-26 19:01 UTC–5

Hey Greg, I understand if you can't discuss this, but I've always wondered what the process is that the LEGO Group uses to copyright names for BIONICLE and other themes. Does someone there just run the proposed names through Google, and check for any possible meaning in other languages? And if both searches turn up negative, they give the story teams the go-ahead to use said names?


Also, I understand if the higher-ups at TLG wouldn't want to give you any more lists of approved names to use on old BIONICLE because right now they want to focus on Gen2, but it'd be awesome if you got hold of a couple names to give to old unnamed characters and such. Maybe names ending with -rahk to give to the Rahkshi types which don't have names so far. Or different names entirely to give to Toa Cordak/Mangai members!


I'm probably asking a bit too much here, but I'm one of those fans who grew up in that universe, and still holds a deep fondness for it many years later. I want to thank you again for being here with us today and treating us to new little tidbits of story in the ways that you can.

2014-10-26 19:05 UTC–5

I would reccomend changing your avatar to something GF is more likely to notice, he may not notice you are there and mistake your avatar for his.