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These plants had been originally planned for Sumpendrona, but we will use them possibly for Rock Home. Anyhow Marcus tinkers around with his carrot plant. ;-)
The slime-spitting-plant, it grows and spits from time to time tasty slime, from which new plants can grow.
The prickle-grass-berry has a relative inside the Docking Station, the tuba, and is reproducing just like it. It has only other effects und looks a bit pricklier then.
Little flowers, they grow next to the breeding station and are very pretty, small flowers, which produce during reproduction tasty seeds.
The hanging plant spits out from time to time a hard fruit, which bursts on the ground and sets free small, tasty, slimy seeds. But after a while the seeds spring upwards and become as well new hanging plants.
Naturally there are as well carrots, but these ones are different. They're getting bigger and develop to small plants, similar to a branch, which produce seeds and then let grow new carrots. But the carrots will be harvested only at a certain age.

Until now there's only one finished layout of the carrot plant: