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Here you will find some downloads. They should make you even more interested in CTNG. :-)

The first downloads are the phantoms and the ghost norns, made by Marcus. They don't use any new sprites, but those of different other breeds, depending on which egg agents you use. The special about them is that they become invisible when feeling threatened. Just double-click the downloaded file and extract the files to wherever you want. What you have to do next is described in the file "Installation - en.txt", which is one of the extracted files.
The story isn't translated into English yet.

Download the Phantom and Ghost Norns

The Goldi Genome, also made by Marcus, is an edited standard genome and is a pre-version of the CTNG standard genome. These are all the improvements:
- Not amphibian, but afraid of water
- Life energy increased by 1
- Length of their life are protected from mutations
- Feelings strengthened
- Mimic edited
- Feeling lonely and feeling narrowed neutralize each other
- New chemicals are made usable theoretically (decay rate modified)

If you want to use the genome in C3, tha Magma Norns have to be installed. In DS the genome should work always; if C3 and/or the Magma Norns are not installed, the Norns just look different. installiert sein. In DS sollte das Genom immer funktionieren; wenn C3 und/oder die Magma Norns nicht installiert sind, sehen die Norns einfach nur anders aus.

The file is no self-extracting archive, because that would have made the compressed files bigger than the uncompressed ones. Instead it's a common ZIP file, which can be extracted by programs like WinZip, WinRar, WinAce and even Windows XP.
In the ZIP file there's the file "Goldis.agents", which you have to copy into the directory "My agents" of Creatures 3 or Docking Station. The changes of the genome you can reread in the file "Goldis Properties.txt".

Download the Goldi Norns

The Smaragd Norns are a new version of the Goldi Norns. These are all the improvements:
- Hydrophobia optimized
- Improved respiration (can survive some more seconds in water)
- Requirements are better linked
- Stronger effect of alcohol on senses (affects the requirements)
- Color genes arranged different
(- "Smaragd" is the German word for "emerald", so the norns are green like emeralds. ;-)

Open the zip file using WinZip, WinRar, WinAce or Windows XP. Copy the file "Smaragd Norns.agents" into the directory "My Agents" of Creatures 3 or Docking Station. All changes since the standard norns can be reread in the file "Smaragd Norn Properties.txt".

Download the Smaragd Norns