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This is the story of Rock-Home, we settled on:

Finally, the ship of the shee had found a new home, but what was that ? The navigation didn't work anymore, the ship got out of control !
It raced directly towards a huge rockface ! That meant, it's every man for himself ! The shee fled to the surface of the planet, but the ship raced right into the rocks. Was that the end ? No, it was the beginning, the beginning of Rock-Home, because the ship began to grow and grow. It formed new biotopes and old eggs were set free. Eggs with new breeds, new Norns, new Ettins and new Grendels.

Here are as well the stories of the other worlds:

For Liquida:
Now it was done, the shee found a new planet, but what was that ? It was a planet surrounded with water, no island at all was to find there, nothing except water ! But that was no problem for the shee, because with some genetical changes in their spaceship it would preserve life under water as well. They separated the single biospheres and fixed them with tendrils to the seafloor. Now they finally had found their new home. It would have been a paradise under water. Although the volcano of the desert had been damaged by the pressure and contaminated the creatures, everything would have been okay. Even with contaminated new breeds it would have been possible to live. Yes, very well, indeed. That's how the grendels mutated to a peaceful breed. The norns became more curious than before and separated in new breeds, but the ettins became an aggresive, bloodthirsty species, so cruel that even the shee had to flee…

For the town in the air:
Finally, after an endless long journey the shee had found a new planet, which they settled directly. It was a fertile paradise, everywhere it was beginning to flower. But within their thoughtlessness and their enthusiasm to use this new world for their advantage, they forgot to explore it carefully. And so they forgot, that this world wasn't made for them. Bacteria, which were harmless for the shee, infested the creatures here, destroyed them, yes, killed them. Everything living died, each plant, each animal, except those of the shee. The atmosphere became more and more poisoned because of the lacking plants. The shee had to think about to survive, but how ?
Then they had an idea. They constructed small biospheres, towns, which reached up into the sky. They had to build them fast, because time was passing, the planet was becoming more and more deadly. Now they were finished finally ! But they were tiny and uncomfortable. The shee didn't wanted to vegetate like that, therefore they decided to search for a new planet and to make everything better now. They left everything, norns, ettins and as well their grendels…

For Sumpendrona:
Finally, the shee have found a new home ! A planet covered with endless green, a gigantic swamp. Everywhere was life, exactly something like that they've looked for ! Overjoyed to have found this planet they began directly with the breeding of a new hometown, because the ground was too swampy for the highborn shee and norns like ettins sank into it, because their feet were too small. After months of hard work in the laboratories they've finally made it. The grendels began to plant their new home. It grew very fast. All creatures warped down from the generation-ship in the orbit. They lived very well. The grendels brought the most delicious fruits and the funniest animals from the outside, inside grew albian titbits.
Everything could have been so beautiful, if the shee wouldn't have forgotten one thing: This planet wasn't theirs ! It owned very new strange virus, which caused the most terrible diseases. Only the grendels seemed to be immune against some of them, but certainly not all ! The shee had to escape, if they wanted to live ! They left everything behind, the norns, the ettins and the grendels.
Slowly immunities developed. Those, who had been left back, lived well, until one day there wans't anymore space enough in the swamp and the grendels invaded. Even by closing the floodgates the intelligent Ettins couldn't prevent it. The grendels must have been found another gap into their secure fortification. Now they brought death into. What should the norns do ? Completely alone in that hostile swamp ? Neither they couldn't go outside, nor couldn't they stay inside ! Now they need your help ! Creatures 4!

For the Docking Basis:
On his long, futile search for the other shee the lonely shee slowly realized that he wouldn't find them so fast. His Docking Station became older and older, it suffered from this strain. That's why the lonely Shee decided to break off his search and to build a new home on the next best planet. Nearly it would have come like that, if his warp wouldn't have received a strange signal. Several unknown warp interferences, which came from no warp generator known to him. Had the other Shee developed one as well ? Or was it a natural phenomenon or a damaged warp spool ? No, that must have been a new warp generator of the other Shee ! Had they built a town here at all ? He looked at the coordinates, sent a message. But didn't receive an answer. What should he do ? A flight into the unknown or to the next safe planet ? The DS would last only one flight. At first he was sure better to fly to the next planet, but hesitatingly he set the course to the signal. The cover of his DS became worser and worser, but his most beautiful hopes were exceeded. The scanners showed him a town, a town of the shee ! Finally he reached his goal ! He made an exploratory mission, but what was that ? No single shee, only wild norns, anxious ettins and aggressive grendels ! No, here he was wrong, but not completely, because this planet was one big repair station ! Here he could dock and repair his DS. A living cell therapy and fresh nutrients would give it back its' old radiance. But the shee wandered away with their fleet a long time ago. The shee couldn't stay too long here, therefore he went as well very fast, but he got at least some data. He learned how long the shee used this planet and as well their course. Finally he would find them !

For Elemental Island:
When the shee discovered the new planet, they were unsure first - at this planet was only one single island, and there's a volcano, and a volcano was one of the reasons why they run away from Albia. But an analysis cleared, that the lava was still bubbling inside the volcano, but the volcano couldn't break out anymore. But when they approached the planet, its' gravity was stronger than presumed - and they expected perhaps the gravity of our moon. Therefore the spaceship crashed and sank into the sea. However the shee, norns, ettins and grendels survived and escaped to the island.
Quickly they discovered that the north region was the most habitable. The west region was too humid, the east region too dry and hot. Nevertheless the shee began directly to explore the island. They learned very fast, that the mountain and the volcano were to steep to climb. But the island had an underground tunnelsystem, which let up to the mountain and the volcano as well.
An exploratory troup discovered a stone, which looked similar to the knowledge stones of their spaceship - one touch was enough to learn the complete vocabulary. They wanted to take that supposed knowledge stone with them, but when they touched it, a blue whirl rose and draw them into. More and more shee disappeared like that and the few shee, who were busy before with building a few lifts and more, started looking now. They discovered the stone and disappeared as well. The norns, ettins and grendels, which refused to learn like always, didn't wanted to touch the stone and stayed behind. Otherwise they would have been warped like the shee to a place very well known to us: the spaceship of the lonely shee...