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Here are the areas for the Rock Home so far:

That's the norn-platform. On the lower floor is left side of the rock at the water a hole, through which the norns are falling into the hell cave. But to reach it, the norns must pass the upper floor and fall down at the left side. Changing the floors is possible with the lift inside the hollow tree.
The hell cave is the home of the grendels. Through a hole in the roof water's falling down - sometimes as well norns - so that the cave is often flooded. About that the grendels often escape into the norn area.
The ice palace is half under water. Through the hollow iceberg the norns can slide down.
Inside the engine room are the agents-producer (lower middle), the chat (lower middle), the gene-splicer (on the top left), a warp-chamber (at the bottom right) including control (on the top right) and a multi-functional tube (at the bottom left). The gene-splicer can "store" 4 norns and withdraws them for each spliced baby some life energy. The new agents, the spliced norns and the portals will be put into the world by the multi-functional tube.
The surface can be entered as well, but here rule carbon dioxide and poison gases. Here you can admire the three moons of Rock Home. But, look out, if your norns drop off sharply, they'll die !
Here is the swamp-moorland. The swamp is located within the lower floor. The norns will sink in it down to their ankles and it's the root of all havoc of this room, especially of the mosquitoes. With the ejection lift the norns can reach the middle floor. The water of the lake, which is there at the right, can be poured away into the swamp, but it takes some time until the water returns. There are some old trees, which prop up the third floor, to which the norns get by means of lianas. Except some white-yellow mushrooms the whole room seems to exist only out of brown-green colours.