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The most important thing we had to decide at the beginning was, which world we wanted to take. Marcus painted one proposal after the other, and only one wasn't by him, but by me.

We have decided for the Rock-Home. It is located within a red-brown rock under a blue-black sky. In the rockface is a rank growth, within which you can suspect again through four glassy cupolas the biosphere of the norns.

There had been as well the following rejected proposals:
Liquida, the world of the deep, surrounded by the endless depths of the blue-black ocean, fixed at the rocky, redbrown sea ground, guarded by thousands of creatures of the depths and coloured in soft blue, created by the air within.
Into the black sky of the night - run through by glowing stars - reach the yellow towers of the town in the air, the home of thousands of norns, the only guard against the hostile, dry stone desert.
In the depths of the swamps of a grendel reigned planet exists a sanctuary for norns. Sumpendrona, a living town, surrounded by toxic ponds and vicious beasts, but here they are safe from the grendels, aren't they ?!

At the beginning it was considerably sure, that we would take Sumpendrona. But then even Marcus thought, that this world would be too expensive. But until then Marcus had done so many more sketches, which you can watch here right now.
Docking Basis is a huge underground connection to thousands of Docking-Station-Ships. They put some life into a dead planet with thousands of breeds of norns, but there will be grendels dragged along as well !
The mostly unspoilt Elemental Island is an island with a huge mountain, a volcano, a rain-forest and a desert. The best habitable region is at the north, because there are no extreme conditions. At this island exists an underground tunnselsystem, from which you can reach every region of the island.

Elemental Island is the only proposal, which wasn't made by Marcus, but by me. However it was clear for us, that this "world" was too expensive, although I defended it still at the beginning. Here you'll find much more pictures of Elemental Island.