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The team


The genomes will be done probably by Marcus and Angelfly2. Who's making the Graphics, isn't clear already! The sprites will be put onto free grendel-slots, so that CTNG will be compatible with all C3-/DS-breeds if possible.

So far there are two norn breeds planned, but there's nothing decided about their possible behaviour.

The Blanco norns of Marcus fit very well to create new breeds. For a finished breed they seem to be too empty. The only difference between the two sexes are the colours of the ears.
This norn blueprint is made by Tina. But until now it has no name.

With the ettins and grendels it's completely the other way round: There are already suggestions how they should behave, but no sketches. The ettins will be only cowards and always escape from the grendels. The grendels will steal food and will be much more aggressive than in C3. But that are only suggestions so far, possibly everything will get completely different. ;-)