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Welcome to the Homepage of our project "Creatures - The Next Generation"! Because we can't expect a new Creatures by Gameware, we decided to create our seventh part by ourselves ! (Well, it won't be easy ...) We will use for it the engine of Docking Station out of different simple reasons: Not everybody has Creatures 1, 2 and 3 and it would be illegal to offer the program within the download as well. But Docking Station is free-ware and can be downloaded by everybody therefore. In addition to it all breeds and agents for Creatures 3 and Docking Station can be installed in Creatures 4 as well. But the most important reason is, that we would fail programming an own engine. ;-)

As the service that used to host this website will be shut down soon, it was moved to a different host.
Please note that the project CTNG has been dead for more than 10 years! This website only remains online for archiving.

Unlike what I said before - CTNG is pretty dead by now. However, a Creatures successor might soon become reality... It isn't made by the former CTNG team, though, but by Steve Grand himself.
In case you've never heard of Steve Grand - he's the guy who made the Creatures games possible by creating the creatures' genetics and brains. He'd do the same for this successor, but of course, both aspects would be even more advanced this time.
There's only one problem: Money...
On the one hand, if Steve Grand would work for some game company, they'd keep telling him what to do, so the game can be sold better. This would be a huge distraction, so he has to work for himself. On the other hand, without money, Steve might soon be rather hungry, which obviously would distract from his work, too.
Because of this, he's asking Creatures fans for donations. There are some rewards, too - for examle, if you pledge 50 dollars or more, you'll become beta tester and will get the game for free when it's finished.
In order to contribute, you can simply register at Kickstarter.
The good thing is that you can't really lose: If Steve doesn't get enough money for continuing his project, you don't have to pay anything at all, no matter how much you offered. So don't worry, just donate. ;-)

I'm sure that many people think CTNG was cancelled. But it wasn't, and I'd like to continue the project. At the moment I'm creating a news homepage which will allow anyone to help. Until now, only team members knew where help is needed. But the new homepage will change this, and also anonymous help will be possible. Also, everyone will be able to download the beta versions.

Recently a few people asked what happened to our project, so I want to write this officially onto this homepage. The project is not cancelled, but paused. It could be continued anytime.
The main idea about this project was to devide the work on the people, so that the project still could be continued without problems, when someone disappears from the Creatures community. But I'm afraid the truth is very different from that: Marcus did most of the work, he organized everything, made the project go on, had most of the ideas, created all of the sketches except one and created everything which had to do with CAOS and genomes. (I'd even say not even Gameware knows CAOS as good as Marcus. ;-) You could say he was the whole team. But now he left the Creatures community. That's why no one is working on CTNG at the moment.
But I don't want to say everything's Marcus' fault. To be exactly, nearly everyone who offered his help for CTNG, disappeared from the community. A few people offered their help and still are active, but they don't work on CTNG anymore. At the moment I seem to be the only one who would like to continue working on CTNG, but one person can't reach this finish alone. That's why I hope, that some fans could pull themselves together to work on, and maybe also some former Creatures fans. I myself have been playing Creatures very rarely for years, but still I decided to help, and I'm still very happy about this decision, since I got back some old interests, like creating homepages, creating models using 3D Game Studio, and I also learned a few things, e.g. how to use the Creatures 3 Room Editor.

The next download is online: The Smaragd Norns.

Download page improved

Again a new download: The Goldi genome.

Now you can download the phantoms and ghost norns here.

The page is available now in English ! Thanks to Ghostpanther, who translated the page! ;-)

The areas had been extended with the swamp-moorland.

There's new information about the breeds! As well the transitions within the banner are smoother now!

The team members get the first version of the norn-platform to download as add-on for the Docking Station. To mark the occasion I've made a new banner: At the left is a picture of Rock-Home, the world we decided for, and at the right is a norn-design by Tina for CTNG. ;-)

Finally, the page will be updated again! Meanwhile we decided for the Rock-Home, but there will be online information about the other worlds as well. Because there had been three different pictures of Elemental Island and a lot of pictures were done already for Sumpendrona, even already plants and inner rooms, these two worlds got an extra page only for the pictures. You'll reach it over the worlds-page. ;-)

10.12.2005: This time we have several news: First of all there's now the agents-area and we have there near / in the world (nahe der Welt oder in ihr ??) (Sumpendrona disappeared downstairs) and within the new areas new sketches for Sumpendrona made by Marcus. The team-area is new, too. Here you'll find out, who's working for the game, which Creatures games they own, how you can contact them and so on. As well it's now possible to log in into the chat from the homepage and to register. ;-)

Marcus has drawn Elemental Island anew. (My sketch hadn't been so good, really.) His picture is online already, but I must still colour it. ;-)

Now my idea for a world is online, too: Elemental Island! ;-)

Marcus has sent me via ICQ the remaining stories and completed the second! Have fun reading them! ;-)

Marcus has published a part of the stories of his worlds. As well all pictures are coloured now! :-)

The page will be programmed and published within one day. The banner had been published before and has got a lot of positive feedback.